Major Concern In WWE Over RAW Expanding To 3 Hours

Posted by Brad Davis June 5, 2012 8 Comments

– Many people within WWE are very worried about RAW expanding to 3-hours on July 23rd. Over the weekend, we spoke to several people who work to WWE and nobody had anything good to say about the expansion. The general feeling is that WWE’s writers and superstars will be spread even thinner and RAW going 3 hours every single week has the potential to do serious damage to not just the RAW television show, but the company as a whole.

– The synopsis for next week’s Raw reads: “John Laurinaitis runs television’s longest-running weekly episodic show.”

– It’s week four of’s celebration of the 1,000th episode of Raw. This week, look back at shows from March 1, 1999 to January 22, 2001 in this photo gallery.

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    • bluebook

      What will happen to the WWE’s product as a consequence of this boneheaded move is what happens when you add water to any juice to make it last more. At first you don’t notice a difference in taste, but as you keep adding more water, the juice tastes less and less, until it becomes diluted and tasteless. WWE is already diluting their product with filler, and have been for years, with almost 11 PPVs per year, two 2 hour shows, and 2 shows online, and now they want to dilute themselves even more? At a time where star power is in an all time low? and they are also considering releasing one of their most popular superstars? It’s bad enough already. I can barely endure 2 hours of Raw a week, 3 hours will be OVERKILL, and people will either not watch the first hour, or won’t sit through the last. THIS IS STUPID.

      • redbook

        I like your juice metaphor. Mine would be – you can only piss on a turd for so long before it splits in two, therefore, stick to just pissing on the side of the bowl.

    • charlemange

      One thing WWE could do that would make it so there isnt that much of a difference is just have LONGER matches to fill up that extra 40 or so minutes of TV time

    • Ice

      The 3-hours could come to an advantage since they can use that extra hour for superstars that they be having in the back that hasn’t been seen Live on tv due to always having Cena, Show, Del Rio, and others taking all the time. It’s like seeing a re-run every week.

      • GhostDistortion

        I agree Ice, I think they should have longer matches with newer talent. I’m excited to see Chris Hero, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and even Husky Harris’ new Bray Wyatt character. Like I say though I agree they need to put some new faces on TV rather than same old Cena week after week.

        • Ice

          Yeah, it gets boring seeing the same people wrestle ever week over and over again. They have so much superstars, and we will never know who can be a new star with potential unless they let them wrestle on tv in front of everyone

    • Mark Henry

      Fire these sorry azz writers and get some people in there who want to be there and don’t complain.

      • Ice

        They should get writers that are professional degree writers that are also fans and/or been fans for years. They’ll know how to come up with good stories, and since they’re also been fans for years, then they know what we want to see.

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