Major Problems at TNA Live Event, Wrestlers Not Allowed to Compete

Posted by Matt Boone July 21, 2013 22 Comments

- The TNA live event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri started last night with a TNA agent coming out and announcing that Chris Sabin, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Wes Brisco, Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher would not be allowed to compete by the Missouri Athletic Commission because they did not have licenses to wrestle.

Around 500 fans were in attendance for the 90 minute show. The card featured just 5 matches and 3 of those 5 featured the same four wrestlers. Quick results look like this:

* Bully Ray beat James Storm
* Devon beat Gunner
* Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode
* Gunner and James Storm beat Ray and Devon
* Jeff Hardy beat Kurt Angle

TNA officials tried to make up for the problems by inviting all fans backstage after the show to meet wrestlers for free. However, Jeff Hardy charged $20 for a photo and fans could not get his autograph. This led to some of the people that paid $65 for VIP tickets to be upset that fans were getting what they paid for for free.

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    • hmw


      • The Troll Hunter

        Ok, because we all know the internet trolls of the world are just rolling in dough? get over yourself!

    • Mr. X

      Classy move Jeff Hardy. Wouldn’t wanna give stuff away for free to help your company out of a jam.

      • joe meredith

        if I had been them fans I would have told jeff to shove everything up his ass

        • The A-Team

          he’s charging money so he can by drugs for himself

    • Hector Naranjo

      Hardy charged that for his drug money

    • Hector Naranjo

      There seems to be a pattern here, whatever company Bischoff and Hogan work they go broke, no wonder when Bischoff went to WWE they kept Hogan in Smackdown

      • Cody McDowd

        Damn right. I give it until January 2014 before Vince McMahon buys tna and shuts it down like he did WCW.

        • troll

          not worth buying.

          • Not Chris Jericho

            The video library is worth buying. Thats pretty much what wrestling companies boil down to anways.

            • Wrestling Jesus

              What do TNA have that Vince wants? He already has the best tapes of all TNA’s top talent when they were in their prime at WWE/WCW/ECW.

              All the other guys like Joe and AJ are young enough to go to WWE and make new memorable moments.

              TNA literally has nothing that Vince would want.

            • ariel

              I read that samoa joe wasn’t in shape enough for wwe to consider him. they thought he was too overweight and didn’t want him
              this was a while ago. personally I think hes a great heel

            • Not Chris Jericho

              Triple H is supposedly a big fan of Samoe Joe’s, so that by itself gives the guy a PPV bonus every month.

            • Not Chris Jericho

              TNA’s “top talent” mostly came from ROH, and WWE doesn’t own ROH. On top of that, wrestling DVD’s wouldnt be near complete for people like Sting or Kurt Angle without their TNA phases. Trust me, if WWE buys something like Midsouth Championship Wrestling library, then they would be salivating to get their hands on the TNA library.

              On a side note, WWE’s archives department is what purchases the libraries and they have been trying to get every tape they can for the past 30 years, regardless of the organization.

            • debra

              actually you are they want sting so don’t say they don’t want anyone from tna now you sound like triple h.

        • joe meredith

          he already owns it that why eric and the Hogan are there tare up that company wake up people don’t waste your hard earn money on tna or wwe it boring support your local company they will give you a good show and it will not cost you 20 dollars for anything lol

      • joe meredith

        that is why they are in tna vince sent them there to tare up that compant if everybody knows vince already owns tna too lol

    • Kurt Angle

      Oh man. This dilemma is giving me…a broken freaking neck!

    • Hollywood HOgan

      TNA management forgot to get the licenses because they were catering to me, brother!

    • bluemoon

      What’s Jarrett gonna do?

      • hmw

        he is goona sell tna to vince

    • ariel

      I went to tna live in Albany and jeff charged for photographs as well
      im sorry but he is a fairly big star for the company he was at the top in wwe when he left there. and I don’t blame him for trying to make the most money before the company completely tanks and closes in the next few years or so.
      wow a company like this forgetting to get licenses this company is unreal its such a joke of a company its starting to be pathetic and gets worse by the day

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