Batista Returning To WWE: Major Update

Posted by Brad Davis December 21, 2013 35 Comments

Batista Returning To WWE

Batista is returning to WWE.

As announced this evening, WWE will hold a live event at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, February 16, 2014, and according to, “The Animal” is scheduled to appear at the event. Sources in WWE are saying this is not an advertising error as he is indeed coming back. Advertising was reportedly released prematurely, spoiling WWE’s planned surprise (which would take place in time for WrestleMania season).

Batista, who is now 44-years-old, had been contemplating a return to WWE since last spring in discussions with Triple H. However, his acting schedule prevented him from making a commitment until recently.

One source speculated that Batista will appear for WWE until he is called to promote Guardians, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Batista last appeared for WWE in 2010, with his final match resulting in a loss to John Cena. He later stated in media interviews that he left WWE due to unhappiness with the company’s family-friendly product. He did not, however, rule out a return to the organization as he has said that he would be interested in having another run.

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    • killahink

      who cares, He sucks anyway

    • bluebook

      Wow can’t wait to see this steroid-ridden-40+ year-old-average-at-best-terrible-on the-mic wrestler who is probably worst at it now that he has been out of the ring for 3 years. If an active Batista was hard to watch, watching a rusty Batista must be painful.

    • bluebook

      To his credit, he owns one of the greatest moments in wrestling of the past 10 years, and that’s when he put Triple H through the table at that contract signing. THAT was epic. Too bad it was only downhill from there….way, way, way downhill. His subsequent feuds from that day on were as boring as watching paint dry.

      • Helen of Oi

        No what sucked about WWE TLC’s pay – per – view was that the McMahon’s and John Cena were making Randy Orton have to go along with the storyline of handcuffing Cena to the ring ropes, which was being done to make Cena seem like he is such a good guy. Which fucking sucks. In actuality because of john Cena being in WWE a lot has gone wrong.

        What should have happened was that John Cena handcuffed Randy Orton to the ring ropes but Randy Orton unscrewed the ring and freed himself so he could climb the ladder to get the titles but thanks to extremely suckfest and abhorrently offensive story lines occurring…..the ending instead was some of the most idiotic, non-entertaining, boring, lousy suckfest goddamn crap I’ve seen in my entere damned life! Because the storyline went along the lines of making Cena look like a good guy and Orton look like a bad guy. Which is objectionable.
        I’d also have Randy Orton go back to being clean shaven and I’d have Randy Orton go ahead and fucking RKO’d the McMahons, Triple H, John Cena, C. M. Punk, Big E. Langston, Daniel Bryan, and fucking kick em’ in their skulls!

        • Joe Hawkins

          Sounds crazy, girl!

        • Helen of Oi

          Listen Helen of Oi,
          Because regardless of how much you detest the feud between Cena and Boreton it’s gonna happen and you aint gonna like it;
          Perhaps buying paintball ammo and bringing a paintabll gun to a WWE show and shooting john cent with it because it says in the operation manual a warning: This is NOT a toy. Misuse can result in serious injury or death. Which means if you shoot John Cena with it or Randy Orton or anyone in WWE with it… will end up having the same thing happen to you as happened 2X already. you’ll get locked up in the psychiatric ward for threatening to kill cena, langston, bryan, and so on….orton being champion right now is a disadvantage to him because it forces him to be a heel. and portray cent as a good guy. i won’t forgive cena either. i know you won’t. i daresay i don’t blame you.
          Orton being champion right now sucks! It’s stupid because they are forcing them to feud which harms people who watch www. Cena not hitting orton with the title belt sucks! Orton hitting Cena with the title belt sucks!
          To me the only thing that can come out of their feud is more problems and it sucks! What should be allowed is that you can go to a WWE show buy a ticket, go to the show, climb over the fucking rails and hit cena in the face and eyes with a goddamned paint ball because you’re defending randy and other guys in www from Cena! I hate Cena and Orton doing matches because it sucks they don’t even know how to do matches! They don’t care about what’s right anymore. which is why i hate and despise Cena as a baby face and as long as he remains a baby face….and even if he goes back to being a heel…..which he is doing presently. As is Orton….which is why i feel so lousy about them feuding and behaving like losers extraordinare!

          The suckfest ending where Orton hits Cena with the title belt is pathetic weakass and cowardly stupid and wrong. So is the fact that Cena is making Orton look like a bad guy when in actuality….John Cena is also a bad guy for bullying Randy Orton and Randy Orton is a bully if he does that to Cena!
          The other problem is that they get millions of other people’s money. It isn ‘t fair or right because in order for them to feud properly they’d have to do it the exact opposite way of how they are doing things,. Which they won’t fucking do. Which sucks.

          that definitely explains why the majority of people watching WWE are booing them. Because they are dissatisfied with the results of the completely suckfest, hellaciously awful, troublesome, bothersome, offensive, wrongful, unjust, unfair results of their matches at the present time!

          Triple H was 100% right: The non – frosted side of WWE sucks!

          ****Thumbs down******

          • Eric

            Meh…….the fact is that www still sucks horribly with orton, and cena in the main event scene. the unified championship sucks because not only does cena still get his way 24-7, 365 days a damn year but he still gets to aggravate, disappoint and continue to hurt, offend, antagonize and aggravate the hell out of people who watch WWE and their feud still makes wwe suck even worse than ever before!

            I feel hopeless about being able to solve this one…..

            • Guest

              “aggravate, disappoint”

              I would think that’s creative’s fault not Cena’s fault, Cena’s not
              Andre The Giant who lost when he wanted to lose.

              “hurt, offend, antagonize ”

              Hurt, offend, & antagonize who? surely not the same people saying Cena sucks and Cena’s a fag etc?

            • Pixi2Gum

              Orton not being clean shaven and looking, being, behaving like he did a few years ago in 2008-2009, some of 2010, some of 2011 when he was a good guy and him not being the kind person he was on the inside, in the movie he starred in, “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded” fucking sucks! Him not being the good guy and him not kicking ass when he does matches against opponents sucks!

          • Guest

            Are you on your menstrual cycle or is the hormones?

        • Harley Alderson

          vicious lady i love it lol

        • Guest

          Eat some cheese ring-rat.

    • Vitorio

      Agreed. Ironically, I found that his best performance was caster-up in the wheel chair the day he quit. He was intentionally hilarious. I’d take the hilarious villain over any other Bautista. His best match was 5 min with Bryan.

    • Derp

      Yay! Mr. Ionlyknow2wrestlingmoves is coming back! Boretista sucks.

      • twet

        spear, power bomb, spine buster i’m counting three ;)

        • Captain

          You forgot the shoulder block. He can stand in one place nobody else on the roster

    • Lesnar

      Now you guys are a bit harsh, ok Batista is mediocre but imo it is awlays fun to see a former main event star return to WWE, especially if they set up something with Randy!

      • Joe Hawkins

        Batista vs. Orton?
        Or even Lesnar vs. Orton.
        Could be pretty cool.

      • Dumdum

        The actual sad part is Batista being a main eventer some time back. That was horrible.

    • MattBusby

      Is it a sure deal, that Batista returns?

    • Bulkster

      Batista should come back to put over The Miz at Wrestlemania. Miz’s victory would then be his first major stepping stone on his way to being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I’d say by Summer Slam he should be taking the title off of C.M. Punk.

      • Boyyyyy

        The Miz is gonna be in the mid-cards for a while man

        • Bulkster

          That would make me a sad panda.

        • Guest

          He’s getting the Swagger treatment.

          • Bulkster

            Yeah, he’s getting the Swagger treatment without the weed charge. Simply disrespectful.

      • Buster Cherry

        Miz is the new Zack Ryder lol

        • Guest

          You mean he has a terrible gimmick that never worked and mostly jobs nowadays?

          • Buster Cherry

            Woo woo woo, you know it! lol

    • SAL

      Batista vs Brock Lesnar, a match I would give to see at Wrestlemainia 30

    • Kris Godwin

      Though some may rip on Batista’s wrestling ability (I know I have), like John Cena, he has indeed had some great moments; such as his feuds with HHH and Undertaker. Also, his heel persona in 2009-2010 was golden. Actually, I would even recommend picking-up his DVD set – it’s surprisingly good.

    • regigmon

      He’s probably gonna fuck A.J when he returns she goes around with at the top guys

    • Bam Bam

      I think it would be interesting to see batista back in WWE for a little while. Towards the end he seemed like he was getting a little better plus he has had some MMA training. Now I’m not saying he is good at it but he has had some so he may be alright in the ring now.

    • gezim

      thank god, plz put ryback through a table

    • DaDirtiest

      his steroid use will have him tearing his triceps before its even time to promote the movie LOL

    • Derp.

      Reading all of the comments it seems like I’m the only one psyched for a Batista return, it’s a shame.

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