Major WWE Executive Departure

Posted by Matt Boone March 7, 2013 5 Comments

Former Warner Bros. Executive Eric Pankowsi is no longer WWE’s head of creative and development, according to former WWE writer Court Bauer on Twitter.

Pankowsi was hired in January 2012 to head up WWE’s television creative development, including reality and kids programming. Duties included managing the creative team as well well as overseeing the sale of programming to networks, studios and other distributors.

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    • Nicholas Williams

      Maybe this is a sign of better things to come from WWE. Maybe they have noticed that their ratings are way lower then they used to be. Hopefully they can make a turn around soon. Because this PG crap has been running them into the ground. HULK-TNA > PG-WWE

      • Original CM Punk

        I’m tired of everyone saying PG is the problem with WWE…then we see stupid comments like how TNA and Hulk are greater. Well Spike TV is universally available on all TV programming packages as is USA Network. If an edgier/non-PG product was what the wrestling audience of today wanted then why are TNA’s ratings not near as high or beating WWE? YOU HAVE A VAGINA!

      • Kage

        First of all, read the article. Pankowsi was hired in 2012.

        Secondly, going PG was a very smart move by WWE. It has allowed them greater exposure to young audiences, as well as ‘cleaning up’ their act – both on-screen and off. Yes, the attitude era was entertaining – but there was also a lot of garbage. The modern-day problems with WWE isn’t being ‘PG’ – but rather, it is the booking by creative. Look at CHIKARA; it is a great example of being family-friendly and entertaining at the same time.

    • paul heyman guy

      you know all you people do is bitch about the programing.
      stop watching it and send the message that way.
      if not, SHUT THE FUCK UP

    • expo23

      problem is its too predictable,you know every thing that will happen,every match every guy uses the same moves every time

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