Marines Oppose WWE Trademark, Divas News from HIAC, Boogey

Posted by Matt Boone October 30, 2012 1 Comment

- Former WWE star The Boogeyman gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website today.

- Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla apparently had done a lot of practice for their spot at Hell In a Cell where Eve and Layla got stuck in their split positions, allowing for Kaitlyn to get some offense in.

- The United States Marine Corps. are opposing WWE’s trademark of “Marine: Homefront.” They asked for a 90-day extension to file an opposition on September 4th and it was granted. They have until December 12th to file or request another 90-day extension.

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  • DeahtDaisy

    Marine:Homefront is hitting so many obsticles :P
    and am i the only one who couldnt understand the para about the diva’s?

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