Mark Henry’s Retirement Plans, Taker’s Age, More

– Mark Henry indicated during an interview with The West Australian that he plans to retire from in-ring competition within the next 18 months despite having “a good three years left.”

“The World’s Stongest Man” also said there isn’t much friendship behind the scenes amongst wrestlers and that when he departs, he hopes someone will take his role of trying to step in to smooth down incidents on the road.

– The Undertaker celebrates his 46th birthday today. Also celebrating birthdays today are WWE developmental wrestler Tito Colon (29) and former WWE star Barry Horowitz (51).

– The Score Television Network’s Arda Ocal & Renee Paquette interviewed future WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. They talked about WrestleMania 14 being one of the toughest days in Michaels’ career. Here’s what HBK said: “Yeah. Yeah it was. I wasn’t in a good place physically, obviously. But also mentally. It was just bad, all around. It was the culmination of a lot of things – a lot of bad things. And I would love to tell everybody that I was faking – and fooling – everybody, but it was a pretty rough day at the office, to say the least. And I guess, because I was in such a horrible place at that time, I never really envisioned people really grasping the fact that – ‘holy cow man, I don’t care if I don’t like him, that dude is beating the heck out of himself and he’s not in any shape to be doing it’. Over time, people now get it. But when you’re doing it, you don’t realize that people are sort of uncomfortable watching you while you’re doing it.”