Masked Kane Returns, Bo Dallas Wrestles Dark Match & More

Posted by Brad Davis April 16, 2014 13 Comments

- Triple H will appear on Friday’s SmackDown to address Evolution reforming on RAW and attacking The Shield.

– The dark match prior to Tuesday night’s WWE Main Event from Nashville saw Bo Dallas defeat a local indie wrestler. Dallas cut a promo before the match.

– In a ‘dark’ segment that took place immediately after Main Event went off the air on the WWE Network, Kane come out – wearing his mask. He beat down Big Show, delivering a chokeslam in the ring and then destroying him outside with the steel ring steps.

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    • herp

      Shouldve never taken it off in the first place. dont care how incompetent the writers are. leave the goddamn thing on! whos gonna take him serious now after he has taken it off then put it back on. taken it off then put it back on. taken…yeah. herp a derp

      • samiam

        Yeah they ruined the big red monster when he removed the mask the first time. Plus as a kid I really do believe he was scarred face from something lol. But he will never be anything great regain

        • chris

          Couldn’t agree more dude about never being anything great again. Will always be a valuable asset to the company but his gimmick is ruined forever

      • Lee

        Also, the stupid, stupid,Stupid comedy segments with mr. Goatface took the seriousness out of Kane..I’m thinking most people forgot about that already though, I’m Sure WWE forgot about it.

        • Kris Godwin

          What? Kane has done comedy gimmicks years before Team Hell No…

    • shorty

      who cares about evolution re forming what they did to the shield was wrong mocking the shield and having a 11 on 3 handicap match on top of evolutions attacking the shield too Triple H has no business of being a figure of authority if this is the unprofessional way he is handling things the saying is believe in the shield I love those guys I love the shield I hate evolution and mark my word The shield will make evolution regret they ever attacked them. I believe in Shield

      • truth

        must be a kid that is s 8 years old and wears all john cena shit

    • dylan

      OK this is common sense…… If they want to bring back the mask “again” then bring back the OLD MASK the one here wore when he make his first appearance… but first put him in a story line where he gets burned in a fire real bad and then at the next PPV bring him back with his old mask and costume and leave him alone… He would look cool and scary again. This new plain red mask looks dumb.

      • herp

        I really like that idea. I’m sure it’s been brought up 50x from the writers but as many things as they are doing right with a lot of angles now, wwe too stupid to put Kane in a wicked accident that just seems so real and truly have us feeling like he got burnt. Your idea > wwe writers :-/

      • Candy Kane

        He would never wear the old one again because it was difficult to breathe in it. That’s why it’s been modified and cut around the nose and mouth. I do however agree that it would be cool if he wore the old design again even if it’s cut out like this current one.

      • Lee

        AGREED..but they couldn’t wait to kill off his masked return with the dark segment of Main event….Wow…on top of that, they didn’t go back to the old school mask like you said, and clearly that would have been the BEST option..

        I, really don’t get it.

    • jake

      So glad he got the mask back on

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says masked Kane is better than insurance agent Glenn Jacobs.

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