Mason Ryan’s New Role Revealed, Hornswoggle Resurfaces, Cena Selling

Posted by Matt Boone May 7, 2012 6 Comments

- While Hornswoggle has been absent for a few appearances now, he was back dancing with Brodus Clay and his dancers at Sunday’s RAW live event in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

- Dolph Ziggler debuted his new bodyguard at this weekend’s RAW live events – Mason Ryan.

Ziggler cut a promo at Sunday’s RAW live event in Chattanooga and declared himself the future of WWE. Ziggler said in order to be the future, he needs someone to watch his back. Ziggler introduced Ryan and said from now on, Ryan will watch his back as he goes to the top of WWE.

Ziggler went on to lose to John Cena, who was still selling his arm injury from Brock Lesnar. Ryan ended up getting involved in the match.

  • Kimura

    I bet this will end up with Ryan vs Ziggler

    • Alex Braczynski

      wow arent u a genius.

      anyways I like that Ziggler removed away from his stupid stable with Vickie ( how she even involed with wrestling, her EXCUSE ME, does not make a complete character relevant lol )

      Ziggler needs to be at the top again. Mania pushed him back and it was a mistake by the WWE. He really doesnt need someone following him around right now. HE needs to finish building his own character for he mentors others. We probably wont see thes two on Raw for a few weeks / months or ever.

  • ziggles

    wow… now all they need is an oldtimer, a maineventer and we have Evolution V2 :)

  • 24icon

    Just like batista was bodyguard to triple h and ric flair

  • Peter

    Good. Ryan sucked as a Face anyway.

  • Darwin

    Ziggler: claims to be headed to the top.
    WWE: forces him to job immediately to an injured John Cena.

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