Matt Morgan Finishes Up With TNA, WWE Interested

Posted by Brad Davis June 17, 2012 7 Comments

Matt Morgan finalized his commitments with TNA Wrestling at last week’s live event tour in Texas. At Saturday’s show in Houston, Morgan grabbed a sign from a ringside fan reading “Going, Going, Gone” and held it up to the audience.

Morgan expressed frustration with management during a radio station interview Thursday promoting the house show tour, saying his “beef is with the company.”

“I don’t feel like I’m getting what I’m putting into TNA,” Morgan stated on 102.5 FM The Bear. He then called himself the “ultimate head-turner in TNA” and said he’s tired of a “carrot dangling in front of my face.” has confirmed that there is interest from WWE in Morgan.

Meanwhile, Morgan wrote the following on Twitter today: “Texas yesterday, Connecticut today, who says u can’t go home!”

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    • Broski

      Morgan has to compete with these guys: Roode, Storm, Sting (who should stop wrestling and give others a break, except wrestling the Undertaker at Wrestlemania), Styles, Hardy, and many more. Competition is tough in TNA now.

      As for WWE, hmmmm. If Matt Morgan became a main eventer in less than a year in WWE should WWE hire him, then TNA made him look good. Otherwise, he’s just another addition to the jobber roster once again. So what will WWE do to Matt Morgan?

      • kindred1313

        I have a feeling hes just going to be in the same spot as Mr. Anderson was in the WWE

      • Wrestlehead

        However badly he was used in TNA, it pales in comparison with his gimmick from his previous stint in WWE. That stutterer gimmick was awful. So I can sympathize with his frustrations but am unsure if he’ll be used any better anywhere else.

    • mark henry

      “I don’t feel like I’m getting what I’m putting into TNA,” if I want to read a poorly written sex novel I’ll go to a porn site, jesus christ man.

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        lol. Best comment I’ve seen on here in months.

        • mark henry

          I’ll admit, I’ve been phoning it in like a CM punk promo lately but I got my second wind like a dumbass Cena match and I’m ready now.

    • mistico

      “I don’t feel like I’m getting what I’m putting into TNA.” Morgan had a great title reign in Ring Ka King and then got nothing when back in TNA. I hope WWE has more for him than a stuttering gimmick.

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