Matt Morgan Returning to WWE Soon?

Posted by Matt Boone May 14, 2012 6 Comments

There is speculation behind the scenes that TNA star Matt Morgan will be leaving the company soon to return to WWE.

Morgan’s TNA contract does not expire until October, but it states that Morgan was obligated to make a certain number of appearances for TNA – which he has already completed. It’s believed that once his contractual obligations were met, he would become a free agent and legally could jump to WWE.

Matt Morgan has stated in various interviews that he loves TNA and does feel some loytalty to them, but WWE has sent out feelers to him and he would have a hard time turning down a chance to return to the ‘big leagues’ if the chance presented itself.

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    • Jack Silver

      Matt Morgan has been with TNA for awhile and they never gave him the world championship he’s a big guy he’s better than most athletes on TNA. But if WWE wants him, they better push him for world championship and not give him a Retarded, Stuttering gimmick again. If TNA keeps Morgan. They better push him to be a world champion or a contender for the title.

      • Wrestlehead

        Agreed. I found it odd how TNA treated Morgan to be honest. They turned him face (after his time with ‘Fortune’), gave him a huge push, and then relegated him quietly to mid-card status and had him in all sorts of nonsensical angles. I do agree though that the stuttering gimmick in WWE was awful.

        • mistico

          He did receive a big push for the heavyweight title in Ring Ka King.

          • Wrestlehead

            True, but technically speaking he was only champion for one day. Brutus Magnus held it for a lot longer. He was a transitional champion and IMO he deserved at least one good run.

    • GhostDistortion

      Lets not forget that WWE had this guy stuttering and made him into a clown. He has gotten more of a push in TNA than anywhere else.

      • Jack Silver

        I agree he got a good push in TNA but they really need to give him the title or at least shot. I believe he can represent the company as there champion

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