Matt Morgan Speculation Continues, Diaz Works WWE Live Event, Primo and Epico

Posted by Matt Boone June 25, 2012 8 Comments

- The WWC promotion in Puerto Rico will hold their Anniversario 2012 shows this coming weekend. Friday’s show in Ponce, PR will feature WWE Superstar Epico vs. Gilbert, John Morrison vs. Carlito, Melina vs. Velvet Sky plus WWE Superstar Primo in the main event teaming with Apolo to take on Thunder and Lightning. Saturday’s show in Bayamon, PR will feature Melina vs. Velvet Sky and WWE Superstars Primo and Epico vs. John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin.

– FCW Divas Champion Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) was on the road with WWE SmackDown crew this weekend. She worked as the ring announcer while Lilian Garcia was away doing charity work and Tony Chimel took some time off for a family vacation.

– The speculation continues about Matt Morgan making a return to WWE. After several tweets a few weeks ago, Morgan tweeted that he was in Connecticut this weekend, which is of course the home to WWE headquarters. Morgan tweeted:

“Had a great time on this visit to Connecticut. Conducted some very good business(stay tuned!)& got to see entire family. 2birds,1stone.”

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    • GhostDistortion

      I’m really excited, I guess the Blooper Matt Morgan can come in and end Ryback’s streak and then go back to having a stuttering problem and lose to Zack Ryder again. I can see why he wants to go back there so badly seeing as how they used him so well and really put him over with the fans.

      • xpac>2pac

        GhostDistortion is Gay for Matt’s DNA strand… ohh yeaaaahhhhhh

        • Tony Schiavone

          xpac>2pac is the greatest troll in the history of our sport!!!

        • The Human Duplex Machine

          xpac>2pac beat me off if you can…survive if I let you!

      • Zack Ryder

        WOOO WOOO WOOO! You know it.

    • Bully Gay

      Matt Morgan wants to fill the void left by batista…. sorry matty….. they already got Ryback. and seeing as you’re TNA, you’ll be booked and used like a tool…

    • benoit

      hello there matty….. you’ll be underused and booked like a tool

    • 40 dawg

      So matt morgan supposedly going back to wwe cuz tna under utilized him.isn’t that why he left wwe to go to tna?what does he think is gonna happen to him in wwe this time, another stupid gimmick and jobbing to santino and heath slater.but hey if the money’s right.

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