Matt Morgan Reportedly Gone from TNA

Posted by Matt Boone July 9, 2013 16 Comments

- Matt Morgan asked for a release from his TNA contract last month and was granted his wish today. Morgan hinted leaving the company in spring of 2012, only to return later that fall. Since his return he has barely been used.

As noted last week, the company also released Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix and Madison Rayne.


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    • The Troll Hunter

      I saw this one coming; it was only a matter of time.

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      We never expected this coming…said no one ever.

      • A_T_D_C

        Let us see…southern wrestling…….fail……….southern characters….fail…………idiots running southern themes…….2nd company ….fail. Does that about sum up all the above?

    • Undertaker316

      what if he comes back to wwe to replace kane in the mitb match

    • patrick the brain

      truthfully tna is in trouble finacially and on my blog i predicted that with in 3 to 4 years of hogan and bischoff taking over tna it would be ruined i mean look at the crappy fourtune vs immortal storyline(yawn)which in my opinion was an attempt to recycle the horsemen and nwo which ran its course well over 12 years ago (in the horsemens case well over 20 years ago)which was probably as creative as hogan an bischoff could be then they have garrett bischoff who may actually be talented im not sure become an active wrestler all because of who his father was he was actually pushed instead of busting his ass to get there it was handed to him then they hire brooke hogan who for all tense and purposes was hired just because once again who her father was and actually put on t.v oh and heres another of there big ideas they put the strap on bubba ray dudley who is a decent wrestler but couldnt draw a dime if he was in a wishing well full of them just waiting to hear that they filed bankruptcy so i can inform all the iwc that i called it first but well be sad that a company that actually started up with alot of upside when they ran ppv weekly when they where nwa/tna go out of business

      • 123

        you are so dumb! you do not even know who owns tna!! the owner of tna is a million times richer than vince! so no i do not se them going out of business anytime soon!! sorry!

        • Know what your talking about

          I really didn’t read what the first guy wrote, but you sir are the dumb one. You really think panda is gonna keep playing bankers with a failing product? Because I’m sure an energy company wants something that is sucking up its profits. So befor you go calling people dumb think practical about the bottom line. TNA is a failure and it doesn’t matter what family ties there are, end of day its dollars. Dixie picked an expensive hobby and its time to stop screwing around. She’s out of her depth, they are bleeding out, and the energy family will put their foot down soon.

          • 123

            stop fucking inside the family!!

        • Ice

          Before you call someone dumb, check your facts.

          • 123

            um i know my facts! i know how the business works! i am a indy pro wrestling referee! and i am good friends with austin aries! and i talk to him on a every other day! and form what i have herd everything is going great there!! this is just how the pro wrestling world works! when the can not market you and see no money in you then there is no need for them to be on the roster!

            • Forceton Banfodder

              Way to name drop dude. I totally believe you now.

              BTW, Panda Energy has been taking major financial losses as an energy company. Look up their stock profile on business week, they’re in the red on retained income, accumulated depreciation as well as earnings from continuing operations and many others. None of this has to do with the money Mommy and Daddy are shelling out for Dixie to run her total loss of a wrestling company. Ultimately Panda Energy will cut its losses by dumping TNA, just like Time Warner did with WCW when it began to lose more money than it made. It’s nothing personal, it’s business.

            • Forceton Wooffodder

              Bark bark

      • Spencer Elliott

        Longest running sentence ever?

      • Mr. X

        “For all tense and purposes” that sums up that giant post.

    • FightFan

      they say he’s been released so he can join Aces & 8’s…it only worked once.

    • ariel

      I give tna two more years at best. TNA is paying out way more then they are making and they are cutting a lot of talent the lower end and mid card level instead of increasing the pay of the upper tier in an attempt to hope things get better. And with the pay being late its a sign that they are having a hard time coming up with the money. I just don’t think cutting the lower end will work especially with Hogan and brooke making so much money. The show doesn’t have enough talent and I loved gutcheck and now that’s cut now as well because I know they cant afford the gutcheck winners even though they make pennies.

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