Mick Foley & Another Ex-Champ Possibly Returning To WWE

— PWInsider.com reports that several sources within WWE expect Mick Foley to return to the company in the next few weeks. To add fuel to the fire, Foley himself has also been teasing a return to WWE in recent weeks.

There’s been a lot of talk behind the scenes this week about Foley coming back for Survivor Series, where his friend The Rock will be getting back in the ring. It remains to be seen if Foley will make appearances on TV leading up to the pay-per-view.

Could Mick Foley be the new RAW General Manager to replace John Laurinaitis? Speak your mind in the comments below the article!

— This is just a rumor for now, but JBL’s name has been mentioned a few times behind the scenes in WWE lately. There’s no solid word on if he’ll be returning to work with the company in some fashion.