Mick Foley Blogs About Wanting To See A John Cena Character Change

Posted by Matt Boone April 29, 2014 11 Comments

The following is a new blog from the official Facebook page of WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley.


How good was that ‪#‎BrayWyatt‬/children’s choir creepy sing-along last night on ‪#‎RAW‬? So good that I wish I’d thought of it back during my original ‪#‎WWE‬ feud with The Undertaker. I have become a HUGE Bray Wyatt fan, and consider any comparison between Bray and anything I did in my career as a big compliment.

As many of you know, I have also been a vocal supporter of John Cena. I genuinely like John as a person, and have defended him many times as a wrestler. It’s easy to defend Cena against the looping haymakers thrown by most detractors: he can’t wrestle, he has only three moves, he’s been carried by great opponents. But there’s this one knock on Cena for which I have no defense. It’s not a looping haymaker, that can be seen, countered and sent right back at the claimant. No, it’s more like a stiff jab that sneaks through even the best pro-Cena defense. A stiff jab of honesty from which there is no countering, avoiding or evading. A stiff jab that continually states that the Cena character is stale. I agree, It’s time for a change.

Bray Wyatt has a chance to be the initiator of that change. A chance to show the world a different Cena; a desperate, dangerous, angry Cena. He’s half-way there. Cena’s blaming of the WWE Universe for putting him in an impossible situation was a good start. His look of disbelief and defeat as Bray Wyatt gently rocked that mask-wearing child was powerful in its believability and subtlety. But, as good as it was, I could not fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment – one of the most memorable things I’ve seen on Raw in tears, because of …because of…because of those WRISTBANDS! Because of those wristbands…and the HAT! Because of those wristbands, and the hat…and the bright green FLOURESCENT SHIRT!

I LIKE John Cena – but everytime he raised his hand and put it to his head last night, I couldn’t help but feel “he’s trying to sell me something”. Every time he waved his cap, I thought, “he’s trying to sell me a hat.” Every time he walks through that curtain, I get the feeling he’s trying to sell me something. I could not, and can not completely enjoy this amazing groundwork that Bray Wyatt is in the process of laying down, unless I’m convinced that it is bringing out a different side…a change.. in John Cena. In order for John Cena to start completely SELLING ME on a change in his character, he’s got to be willing to stop SELLING ME his merchandise every time he raises his hand.

In the short run, it will cost both John Cena and the WWE some money in merchandise. In the long run, its going to give Cena a much needed twist to his character, and more importantly, allow Bray Wyatt to make WWE some serious money by putting butts in seats, and eyeballs in fron of the WWE Network for a long time to come.

That’s change I can believe in.”

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    • Deadman

      Foley is spot on with that, This would be a great time for Cena to go heel, but will it ever happen, ummmm No

      • Derp

        He doesn’t need to go full on heel. He just needs to change his character up from the usual “overcoming the odds” and winning schtick. The casual white boy in shorts look. The guy who needs to go over on every wrestler for some reason. The one who refuses to put anyone over for merchandise. Hell, give him a tough guy Hardcore Holly kind of persona. Make him an unfair aggressive performer, who still gets over. Anything. Anything at all. But it’s been the same shit for the last 10 years.

        • Deadman

          Yeah i get that, how he’s been able to keep the same shit for 10 years and still be a top superstar i dont know

    • Guest5679075312678

      Is it too damn much to ask for Cena to sell the childrens choir performance for 3 hours? It was an amazingly creepy display, something powerful and chilling then like an hour later Jern is all “Hurr hurr hurr donkey burro something Renee!”

    • Sancho

      I don’t care what they do with him so long as he’s out of the WWE World heavyweight title picture. He’s held world titles more than enough times. Maybe they should have him go for the US and IC titles. That way they can regain some of that prestige they once had and others like Daniel Bryan can have a turn and a good run with the world title.

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        yes much like when HBK won the European title even tho he had already held a WWE title.

    • Guest

      I wish ever

    • Matt Rayfield

      I am kinda in the same boat that I want to see a Cena Heel Turn as well. But Vince and the WWE would lose some money on the babyface Cena side of stuff. WWE will find a way to sell Heel Cena Stuff tho.

      • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

        Remember, WWE did make “Cena sucks” merchandise

        • Matt Rayfield

          I know that, but I mean they’d lose out on money from the people who would prefer him as a babyface tho.

          • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

            It wouldn’t really matter though because most people wanna see Cena as a heel again

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