Mick Foley Posts New Blog Addressing His Current Status With WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently posted the following blog on his official Facebook page:


Yes, it looks like I will be sticking around a while. It’s probably foolish for me to even think about leaving WWE, especially knowing that whether I’m officially with them or not, they are always going to be part of me. I tried, really tried to distance myself from WWE a couple of times – at one point, I didn’t do anything at all with them gor over a year and a half (October 2001 – May 2003) and during all that time, in the hearts and minds of fans, I was still a WWE guy. Well, with the exception of one excited kid in New Hampshire who yelled out, “you’re the guy from Robot Wars” and a stunned UK memorabilia collector, who was overjoyed to meet his favorite novelist.

My official contract with WWE runs out soon, but we have mutually agreed to continue to work together on a case-by-case handshake deal – the same way I did some of my best work (remember the 2004 Randy Orton program) with WWE in the past. The only minor difference (other than not getting a weekly check…ouch) is that I will work prospective WWE dates and projects around my schedule, instead of working my schedule around prospective dates. With the success of my live shows (thanks everyone) I needed more flexability in my schedule. But WWE has shown some interest in partnering with me on these live shows in the future, and a WWE produced, first-class, multi-media one-man Mick Foley show has always been my long-term goal. As WWE showed with the roll-out of the new network, when they go into something, they go ALL in – and I’m crossing my fingers, hoping they’ll go ALL in on a fall 2014 15th anniversery “HAVE A NICE DAY” production – even if it’s just for a limited run.

Besides, the second issue of my WWE comic just came out, and Wrestlemania is just around the corner. My kids LOVE WWE, and the prospect of their being part of Mania, without Dad being part of WWE was a downer. They have great seats for the big show – Santa Dad sprung for the good seats (no more watching the show on a TV monitor in a crowded “Friends and Family” suite, 100 yards from the action, overlooking a parking lot for my gang) Besides, do you have any idea how expensive hotel rooms are in New Orleans on Mania weekend? Put my room on Uncle Vinnie’s tab, please.

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