Mick Foley Reveals Funny Story Behind His New Look

Posted by Matt Boone January 10, 2017 1 Comment

Prior to showing off the new look at Monday night’s edition of WWE RAW, General Manager took to social media to write about the story behind his attempted self-haircut turn salvage-job for WWE’s stylist.

Below, from Foley’s official Facebook page, is the mini-blog about his new look, which is reminiscint of the one he donned during his entertaining run as WWE Commissioner back in 2000. Also featured, a close-up photo of the RAW GM’s new look, posted by “The Hardcore Legend” himself via his official Twitter page.


It’s probably best not to take your grooming tips from the hard-core legend. After attempting a home-made self-done haircut, a WWE stylist did her very best to salvage my handiwork, and lots of locks needed to be lopped in order to foil the Foley fashion faux pas. All in all, I kind of like the haircut – probably the shortest it’s been since my commissioner run in 2000. Let me know what you think!