Mick Foley Speaks On People Who Say Wrestling Is Fake, Wrestling vs. Writing

The following are highlights froma recent interview with Mick Foley:

On people who say wrestling is fake: “There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane for six hours next to someone whose first question to you was, ‘Is wrestling fake?’ You know you are not going to have a pleasant experience. I would never think of sitting down next to somebody and insulting what they do for a living. My general answer is, I say, ‘Every bit of it is fake,’ and then they say, ‘Every bit of it?’ Then I get people starting to come on my side and saying they know that some of that was real. That’s something I learned from Owen Hart. Just say ‘yes, every bit of it is fake.’”

On wrestling vs. writing: “Both of them are about commitment. You go back to Mr. Miyagi’s theory on life: If you stand on one side of the road you are fine, and if you stand on the other side of the road you are fine, but if you stand in the middle you get squashed like a grape. With wrestling, writing or performing on stage you either go all out or you don’t go at all. You don’t sit down to kind of write a book. You have to have your heart in it. I think in most everything I do the evidence is there — my heart has been in it when I am doing it.”

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