Mick Foley’s Comedy Show Notes, Otunga’s Muscle & Fitness Cover Hits Newsstands

Posted by Brad Davis November 18, 2013 0 Comment

– WWE Hall of Famer did a comedy show last night at the Performing Arts Center in Smithtown, New York. The show was mostly Foley telling stories from his career, which Foley says raised $1,500 for the Holiday Magic charity.

WWE cameras were on hand to record the sold out show, with WWE looking to air the show on the WWE Network, when it eventually launches. Foley noted several times that he wasn’t sure how WWE would edit the show, since there was some non-PG material.

Joey Styles was at the show and introduced Foley at the beginning. Brodus Clay and former WWE talent Pete Gas of the Mean Street Posse were in attendance at the taping. Former WWE writer Jen Bloodsworth opened for Foley.

– The latest issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine featuring WWE Superstar on the cover hits newsstands today.