Monday’s Raw Draws Worst Rating In 15 Years, Sami Callihan Competes In Dark Match

Posted by Matt Boone October 24, 2012 5 Comments

- Monday’s Raw broadcast drew a 2.48 cable rating, the program’s worst rating for a non-holiday episode since October 27, 1997 (which drew a 2.3). This is below the rating for the Oct. 1, 2012 show, which garnered a 2.54 in comparison.

The three-hour program averaged 3.55 million viewers, beating a year-low of 3.50 million viewers on Oct. 1. Raw drew 3.58 million viewers in the first hour, 3.65 million in the second hour, and 3.43 million in third and final hour.

Viewership for the third hour was a year-low, below 3.47 million viewers on Oct. 1. It was the tenth consecutive week where third hour viewership was below viewership in the second hour.

– Independent wrestling standout Sami Callihan competed in a dark match tonight prior to WWE’s slate of television tapings in Providence, Rhode Island. He was squashed by Johnny Curtis, with his offense being limited to two kicks. Curtis was billed as “Simply” Johnny Curtis, came out to tango entrance music and donned shiny pants. Following his victory, Curtis placed a rose on Callihan’s chest.

The match is Callihan’s first before a WWE audience. He participated in private tryouts before WWE officials prior to television tapings in March.


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    • Trinity X

      Please no more 3 hour shows. Please only 2 hours.

    • The Flock

      His this supose to be some kind of shock. They make it PG and wonder why th ratings go down later a night. I watch maybe 2% of Raw now as it is, I mean really MNF was a good game. If I was WWE I’d either game it back to the way it was. Wish I’d love them to do or make it start earlier, so your target can watch the whole thing.

      • Kage

        Being ‘PG’ is not WWE’s problem. In fact, it was one of the smartest things they’ve done in years.

        It’s the BOOKING that is the problem. Even Vince has admitted they’ve veered too much into ‘G’ territory.

    • PimpDaddy2099

      Who wants to bet that Vince would curse the hell outta Vickie for the bad ratings ?

    • Sir DF

      I’m so over everyone moaning about WWE being PG……If you don’t like it anymore WHY ARE YOU STILL WATCHING? The only way WWE will change their way of doing things is if they are hit in the wallet. Stop going to shows. Stop buying the merch. Stop watching. Problem is, then someone else will – and right now, those who are are the PG crowd. They are pandering to the masses, not to the “hardcore” fans. Personally, I would enjoy the product much better if it was written better, and the wrestlers were given more freedom and less scrpits, but it is what it is.

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