Monday’s Raw Lists Ryback As Undefeated, Meet Layla & R-Truth, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 26, 2012 10 Comments

- Layla and R-Truth will be appearing at the Verizon Wireless Store located at 1947 Mount Zion Road in Morrow, GA Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

– Here is the latest episode of WWE ’13 Inside the Ring with Bryan Williams:

– Ryback is being advertised for this Monday’s WWE Raw event in Charlotte, North Carolina as “The Undefeated” Ryback. Also advertised for the dark match main event is Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

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    • Mr, NoName

      I am so tired of Ryback.

      • Reality Sets In

        We all are. There are probably 6 or 7 dipshits that wanna suck Ryback’s asshole inside out that thumbs down my comments but other than that the rest of the world thinks Ryback sucks.

        • Reality Sets In

          Like I said, 6 or 7 that wanna suck his asshole inside out. We’re still waiting on the 7th to thumbs down the comment.

          • 40 dawg

            So 1-you gotta thing for sucking assholes? And 2- if you think fans of ryberg suck his ass I guess that means you suck punks ass, right? Just cuz someone doesn’t agree with your thinking doesn’t mean you gotta get all childish. Oh and if your gonna get all childish on me I guess in your eyes since I like ryder I suck his ass. People are so f’n sensitive when they get a dislike, grow some balls. Take it from me people dislike my posts all the time, you don’t see me.get my boxers in a bunch. Oh so here I’ll be the 7th dislike just cuz your whining about it. HOW’S THAT REALITY?

    • The Iraquian Boottaker

      Me too.

    • 40 dawg

      The reality is ryberg does suck,now. But what I’m trying to say is vince is gonna push who he wants to push no matter what anyone says. So I’m saying since wwe has trouble creating new stars go all the way with ryberg. And if he does good, there you go a new star. If he still sucks and doesn’t improve bury him or release him I could care less just like everyone else. The reality is punk losing isn’t gonna hurt him as much as building up ryberg like wwe has and then his first big match he loses. That would kill rybergs character and noone would still believe he’s still unstoppable. I AM NOT A RYBACK FAN but I get what wwe is trying to do and build a new star like it or not vince thinks it’s ryback. Us fans bitch about wwe not building new stars but when they try people bitch about it. Do I like rybacks push, no. But I understand why wwe is trying with ryback. I’d rather wwe start pushing ryder, kidd, mcintyre,dibiase or go all the way with ziggler, but sh-t happens. Fans can’t have it both ways or pick and choose.

    • JDA45659

      I wanna see Brock Lesnar come in just as Ryback is gonna finish CM Punk and F5 him and cost him the match. Punk keeps the title. Ryback still seems like a beast and we have a huge match for Survivor Series in Lesnar vs Ryback..

      • Sofa

        or how about this leading to lesnar and punk (team heyman) vs cena and ryback (team aj) and the manager of the winner gets the GM role in raw

        • 40 dawg

          That would be cool. But I think wwe has made up their mind on having ric flair being the gm. And wwe is in charlotte this Monday.

    • Dave

      Smackdown trails Punk v Cena for the WWE title Nov 5th in Birmingham ……….

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