Monday’s WWE RAW Posts Lowest Rating Since December 2012

Posted by Matt Boone June 4, 2013 4 Comments

- Monday’s RAW episode scored a 2.66 cable TV rating, down six% from last week’s year-low 2.82 rating.

Not only was it the lowest rating of the year but it was also the lowest non-holiday rating since December 3rd, 2012.

As noted earlier, RAW averaged 3.68 million viewers. The show averaged 3.62 million viewers for the first and second hour, and 3.80 million viewers for the final third hour.

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    • Tecky

      Proof that Vince needs to ditch the family show and bring back a real audience. Sorry, but women usually do not like wrestling, and pandering to their kind isn’t going to garner any interest by women. If they weren’t interested before, they won’t be interested now. So quit alienating your male audience with garbage and your fans just might come back. God, Vince is a moron.

    • Derp

      This is why Vince needs to quit trying to pander to women. They aren’t interested, and they never have. The female audience is very sparce. Quit alienating your actual fans who do enjoy the show for a couple extra female fans. Quit turning the show into a dance competition and maybe you will attract a crowd again. Better matches, less high school cheerleader drama.

    • Attitude Era

      I don’t expect Stone Cold to walk through the curtain and stun everyone and I don’t expect The Dudleys to put people through tables but they need to bring back an edgier approach, ditch the PG crap and start getting the real fans back. I can’t sit through 3hrs of raw anymore without changing the channel numerous times because the Great Khali is dancing around the ring with a midget.

    • Bring it Bottom line

      All these comments are right. Raw might as well be on the CW but I think that would be insulting the CW. 3H and steph need now more then ever to run the whole show, top to bottom. Vince is playing an analog game in a digital world thinking he’s playing digital. His time is up. It’s not even hard to write this stuff either, I could write for every single wrestler/entertainer they have, and make them a form of success. I have been watching this a long long time. I know what fans want to see, these dudes they are bringing straight out of college have no idea what a wrestling fan wants to see. They may know how to write, they may have been taught the basics, but that will not get you a constant audience in the wwe. Stop trying to be more than a televised circus, that is what brought you to the dance Vince, realize that, and Lets Go!!

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