More Details on Jack Swagger’s Arrest, Jail Time & Fines

Posted by Matt Boone February 22, 2013 10 Comments

The Associated Press has released more details on the February 19th arrest of Jack Swagger.

Their report notes that Swagger was pulled over for driving 10 MPH over the speed limit and his car was towed and later released from custody to a friend of his that picked him up from the police station.

If Swagger is convicted, he faces fines of $188 for driving 10 mph over the speed limit, $437 for a small amount of marijuana and $1,300 for a first DUI offense. The DUI charge carries a mandatory court appearance and he could lose his driver’s license for 90 days. Swagger could also face a maximum of two days in jail, but could avoid that by meeting stipulations such as counseling.

As noted earlier, the DUI charge will require Swagger to appear in court in Gulfport, MS on March 12, 2013.

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    • dick darling

      swagger blew what most wwe superstars work there entire careers for, and all he had to do was go 10 miles over the speed limit, have some marijuana in car, and was intoxicated.

    • God

      oh yeah, his life is over. he is such a criminal. he should know that when you live in a policestate everything is illegal.

    • Christopher Braddy

      I think its all a bunch of crap. Pot is legal in parts of the US now, soon the whole country. But Mississippi is one of those country bumpkin places where a half a joint is bordering on being a felony. This is a popcorn headline for some inbred, middle of nowhere, nothing to do but run radar police outfit. The whole thing is a bunch of trash, and I hope they’re happy they have ruined this man’s career.

      • Derp.

        I don’t think the legalization of marijuana has anything to do with it. He wasn’t pulled over for that, it was just something discovered upon being pulled over. Even if it is legal in some places it still isn’t okay for wwe superstars to be in possession of it. There is no leaniency with the Wellness Policy rules. Personally I think he should be absolutely reprimended. Jack knew what he was getting into when he signed his contract with the company, there are no excuses. He is a moron for jeopardizing quite possibly the largest push of his career. The police didn’t ruin his career, Jack dug his own grave. I have no problem with marijuana personally, but he knew the rules.

    • dick darling

      I know it a bunch bull sh*t but www has punished there superstars for a lot less, and lately they have gotten tougher about wellness infractions.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Plain & simple, Jack Swagger is a dumbass.

    • Ryan1

      real american !!!

    • Guest

      I am a BIG FAN of the WWE but no one should be eliminated for any type of breaking the law….Whats good for us should be good for them…

    • gato

      he’s just plain boring, what he did was just to spice up his boring life

    • Kage

      If this was Orton, he’d have beaten The Rock for the WWE title by now.

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