More Details On Matt Hardy’s TNA Suspension

TNA Wrestling officials recently suspended Matt Hardy due to continuously arriving late to live events. In an update on this, the suspension was also due in part to the video he posted online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun Reby Sky (Matt’s girlfriend) with a taser, “among other reasons.” According to, several things had been building up and they finally issued a suspension.

Matt Hardy tweeted the following statement in response to the online reports: “Just checked out the headlines on the ‘net.. They make me smile 🙂 Everything’s cool in life-luv it! It’s 95 out but I’m not sweating ;)”

Hardy also commented on his absence from a TNA house show due to his suspension, writing: “If you asked for a refund in Ft. Wayne cuz I wasn’t there, tweet me your story & I will RT it. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”