More Details on Pac Arriving at NXT, News from WWE’s nWo DVD

Posted by Matt Boone October 28, 2012 5 Comments

- As noted before, WWE will release “nWo: The Revolution” via DVD and Blu-ray on November 6th. An early preview on reveals that WWE interviewed Lex Luger and Vince Russo, among others, for the DVD. There are other new interviews but a lot of the footage, including comments from Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall, were taken from WWE’s previous release on the nWo.

In an item that wasn’t previously reported when we posted the content listing, the Blu-ray version will include several of the “paid for by the nWo” skits that aired from 1997 to 1999.

– We noted before that top independent wrestler Pac has arrived in WWE developmental and wrestled Dean Ambrose at Friday night’s NXT live event in West Palm Beach. Pac’s first match actually came on October 24th in Orlando as he teamed with Trent Baretta to lose to the team of Max Bauer and Corey Graves.

The new ring name WWE developmental officials have given Pac is Ben Sacilly. His real name is Ben Satterly.

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    • Hooked on Phonics

      How is Sacilly pronounced? Sack-illy, Sock-illy, Sass-illy, Sauce-illy…

      • Reality Sets In

        LOL! I was thinking the same thing. When will WWE realize that these guys would get more of a pop if they would just let them keep the name that made them famous.

        I understand modifying Pac since it’s a little to close to X-Pac but they were scraping the bottom of the name barrel with this one.

        • Byron Sucks-ton

          Nope – not nearly as bad as “chilly mcfreeze” when Austin said he wanted an “icy, cold” type character…. or the dumbass name something… Peabody D-Bryan came up with.???/ WTF…

          Sacilly still sucks big time… x-pac stole it from Tupac anyway… so what;s the difference???

          • James Harding

            daniel bryan was joking on that one.

            • vegan-gina

              shut up vegan lover!

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