More Details on The Undertaker’s Return, Oliver Grey Injury Update, Tazz

Posted by Matt Boone February 25, 2013 4 Comments

- TNA announcer Tazz (Taz) is currently in the Superstar Spotlight on WWE’s website.

- One-half of the WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Oliver Grey told fans at last night’s NXT live event that he will be able to return to action by next Thursday.

- WWE re-posted the Tout footage of The Undertaker’s entrance on Saturday night with the title, “Is this the Undertaker?”

They also questioned his appearance in the video description: “Did the Deadman make an appearance at a WWE live event in Waco, Texas this weekend?”

- Regarding Taker’s return on Saturday night, one fan in attendance noted that he looked great, despite being out of action for a year and the numerous reports about his health. After the match, fans were chanting “this is awesome” and “you still got it” to The Deadman.

  • MarkyMark 4 Mark

    Dumbass Marks (get it “Marks”??) will chant that for any legend … after like one or two tradeMARK move or running the ropes.

    I don’t buy it.. he looks fat and old.

    • Knock

      Just like you Mark Henry

      • knockV2

        whatever.. Marc Mero

    • Kage

      Have you SEEN Undertaker’s recent WM matches?

      Dude DOES still have it.

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