More Details on TNA’s Lawsuit Against WWE, New Comments from WWE’s Lawyer

TNA’s lawsuit against WWE has been picked up by The Associated Press and includes several new details not included in our original report.

To recap, TNA is suing WWE after former TNA employee Brian Wittenstein left TNA, was hired by WWE and provided WWE with sensitive company information, including details of TNA talent contracts. WWE released Wittenstein and contacted TNA about their former employee leaking information to WWE, however TNA feels WWE waited too long before contacting them (approximately 3 weeks).

The AP article states that TNA and WWE employee Brian Wittenstein had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he left TNA and agreed he would not pass on confidential information.

WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt told the AP that WWE never asked Wittenstein to disclose any information about TNA and when he did, they fired him and then sent the information back to TNA. McDevitt told the AP:

“To us, it’s no good deed goes unpunished kind of thing. They sued us for doing the right thing.”

The AP tried to reach TNA’s lawyers and Wittenstein for comment but phone calls were not returned. The next hearing on the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit is set for June 11th.

Upon checking with reliable sources in TNA, we can report that basically, nobody’s willing to talk about it at this time.

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