More Fallout from Jericho Incident, RAW Brand Beat Up After Tour, RAW Trends

Posted by Matt Boone May 29, 2012 2 Comments

- Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter during last night’s RAW Supershow were Randy Orton, Teddy Long, WWE ’13, ECW, Brodus Clay, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and Alex Riley, among others.

– A lot of the WWE talents are “walking on eggshells” for fear of getting in trouble when trying to be creative. The Chris Jericho incident in Brazil last week has caused paranoia among some of the talents. The feeling is that Jericho, someone who returned on his own and doesn’t have to be there, was suspended for just doing his job. As noted before, the reaction among the locker room was that the whole incident in Brazil was blown out of proportion.

– The WWE crews, mainly the RAW brand, are beat up and tired after the most recent tour. When the flight to Brazil was canceled last week, there was a situation where talents were trying to get rooms at a hotel. Some of the WWE veterans stepped up, got rooms booked and got everything taken care of before WWE themselves could.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • ……

      “Some of the WWE veterans stepped up, got rooms booked and got everything taken care of before WWE themselves could.”

      For a huge company that’s really really embarrassing…but I find that it’s also really cool that the older guys have everyone’s back cause more than likely they’ve bin in a shitty situation like that when they were coming up…I don’t think any other sport has as much camaraderie as wrestling does….when they are not talking shit about each other to the dirt sheets and burying eachother for the top spot back stage lol…

    • pitu

      The press made such a big fuss about the incident that was ridiculous. The WWE didn’t have to suspens Y2J. I believe that was an opportunity to give him some time out for something. I don’t believe he was suspended for that.
      An for the people who, in their huge ignorance are badmouthing Brazil, saying that they’ve seen wrestlers do that and worse with other flags, try getting informed before sounding like an idiot. The problem of doing that is that in Brazil, dececrating the flag is considered a felony. Since he didn’t know about it, he was given the chance to apologize and not being arrested. That’s all that happened…

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