More New Wrestlers Set To Debut In TNA, Update On Taeler Hendrix “Too Heavy” Comment

Posted by Matt Boone July 30, 2013 0 Comment

-On Monday, we published an interview recap from the weekend with former Knockout . Hendrix appeared on the Greg DeMarco Show and said:

“I do have my qualms. Don’t tell me on my birthday that I’m ‘heavy’ to be on TV. I’m a size three, that’s not fat at all! I’m a role model for young girls, there’s nothing plastic about me.”

Based on the transcript that was published, it appeared that Hendrix was saying that it was TNA President Dixie Carter who told her she was “too heavy for TV.” After the interview recap got a lot of coverage from the online wrestling media – DeMarco clarified that the “too heavy” remark did not come from Dixie Carter directly:

“@Taeler_Hendrix’s “heavy for TV” comment was not direct from Dixie Carter. It’s placement after the Dixie question caused confusion.”

One of his followers joked about “dirt sheets” getting it wrong again, but he replied:

“Not this time–if you listen, it was an easy mistake to make! But not what Taeler intended.”

-Aside from the ongoing #August1Warning campaign building towards the debut of a new TNA wrestler on Thursday night, there is a lot of talk backstage that more new wrestlers will be debuting soon.


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