More on Randy Orton’s WWE Future Being In Jeopardy

Posted by Matt Boone June 5, 2012 17 Comments

eports came out from SuperLuchas on Monday that Randy Orton’s WWE future was up in the air after meeting with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn at WWE headquarters on Friday. The report stated that the meeting’s atmosphere was “hostile” and it was determined a further decision concerning Orton awaits. SuperLuchas says that several WWE officials were lobbying for Orton’s termination as a cost-cutting measure.

PWInsider now reports that WWE officials indeed met with Orton over the weekend and there is definitely talk about not bringing him back as soon as his suspension is over. Their report doesn’t mention Orton being terminated but the idea would be to make Orton “sit it out and stew” once the suspension is over.

We noted earlier that one change coming out of the Orton suspension is WWE may start announcing which banned substances talents test positive for. One temporary change we will see is a lot of the RAW Superstars working SmackDown tours this summer while Orton is away. Rey Mysterio will be returning in a few weeks to add some depth to SmackDown but expect to see guys like Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Zack Ryder work a lot of the upcoming SmackDown live events. John Cena and CM Punk have already been booked for upcoming SmackDown tapings.

(Source: PWInsider)

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    • bugsbunnie1962

      oh no not randy orton he is a good wrestler, dont let him go

      • No Kneepads 4 Me

        LOL. I see what you did there.

    • xpac

      Orton should go all “Warrior” on them and hold them to ransom and then start a lame video series about stuff nobody cares about!!!

      I still say they test Rock and then discuss whether to bring him back or not.. that dude’s CLEARLY juicing

      • kveschIII

        Actually it’s Cena who’s been juicing his entire career. Although for whatever reasons they’re afraid to make that clear to people. Cena’s tested postive for roids and other drugs….yet, the results have been hidden from everyone. Now they’re just attempting to blame Randy Orton and make an example of him and make him look ilke the guy who is doing steroids and making up bullsh*t and lies about him and about Rey Mysterio, as well as about Booker T and other guys in WWE….. despite the fact that Randy Orton’s naturally muscular, and has muscle definition due to eating right, consistently working out and doing cardio.

        • Peter

          Oh aren’t you the bodybuilding expert? Please, show us your proof and the basis of your statement.

        • AreYouSeriousBro

          I agree with Peter, show us proof because right now you sound like an idiot who does alot of assuming and has very little knowledge about what is true and what is not.

    • gtp20

      They should fire him and then re-hire him. Then his 2 strike suspension count would start back a zero. Or they could just do away with the stupid three strike rule.

    • mistico

      Linda McMahon is running for Senate again. The last thing they need is Orton testing positive for steroids a third time.

    • wmdwfprez

      You’re right mistico. With Orton testing positive Linda’s opponent will say something like if she can’t control her own employees how can she control the will of the people in the state where she’s running.

    • 24wrestling writer

      Randy Orton may or may not be fired. Brodus Clay may or may not win his next match. Chris Benoit may or may not have been able to send text messages after he was declared dead. Pat Patterson may or may not have raped children.

      • Skinhead Jenn

        Randy Orton DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE FIRED!!!!
        Randy Orton DIDN’T AND DOESN’T DO steroids!!!!
        He’s being accused, blamed for and rumored to do them so that he can get into trouble and be fired by those who don’t like him. Like Cena.

        • AreYouSeriousBro

          You don’t even know Randy Orton, stop stating opinions as if they were fact. You don’t know what he does or doesn’t do with his personal life, all you and everybody else knows, is “The Viper” Randy Orton, not him behind the curtain.
          Also, rumors and accusations don’t get somebody suspended. Failed drug tests do. You are obviously a huge Orton fan, and I am too, but be reasonable. The guy got caught taking whatever he was taking, and suffered the consequences.

    • Papa Georgio

      What an idiot. You think you would be more careful when you’re a top star in a company and probably would expect to be under the microscope. I guess Karma is a bitch as Orton has screwed others in the past, most namely being the former Mr. Kennedy and possibly stalling Kofi Kingston’s rise as well. Who could forget Orton standing over Kingston after delivering an RKO and shouting idiot several times before pinning Kingston for the win. Orton seems like a dick and needs a good dose of reality.

      • GhostDistortion

        I agree with everything, but let’s not call Kharma a bitch. She doesn’t seem bitchy at all, in fact I imagine she is quite nice in spite of the character she plays in the ring.

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        Orton did make an idiot decision, he should have known better. But your other reasons for disliking Orton seem rather silly. He is a dick for pinning Kofi, and calling him an idiot? You do realize matches and storylines are predetermined? From the sounds of it, at the time he was being a heel character. When you are a heel, if people hate you, it means you’re doing your job right. That’s like hating Vickie Guerrero for being a heel, when in real life I have heard she is quite nice.

    • Rockman23

      TBH im tired of Randy “Robot voices,250lb Monster, Boring,and never put anyone over” Orton I hope either they change his character or turn him heel.

    • WyndenRayne

      Randy orton Lobbied for ken kennedy to be fired after his return. Orton broke character and shouted “F*****g stupid” very audibly in the ring with Kofi Kingston when a finish to the match wasnt clearly botched, but not smooth. Randy was abusive to the female talent various times in the wwe, this is confirmed by talents no longer with the company.
      Now we have Orton blowing the wellnes policy for the 2nd time. Fire him and let karma have its way with him.
      At the job i have, if youre caught with an illegal substance in your system, there is no 2nd chance.

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