More On The Changes To WWE’s Creative Team & Paul Heyman’s Role

Posted by Brad Davis March 22, 2013 3 Comments

As noted earlier, former WWE creative team member Court Bauer revealed on Twitter that David Kreizman, who started with WWE several months ago, is now a WWE head writer.

Kreizman is a former soap opera writer (“All My Children”) and has won several Daytime Emmy Awards. Kreizman fills the void left by Eric Pankowski, who left the company earlier this month.

WWE is looking to hire more former soap opera writers, according to

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who writes most of The Rock’s material, has also been stepping up on the creative side. There is still no real push for Paul Heyman to join the creative team, although he does work with various wrestlers who seek his advice.

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    • Guest771122653

      So the guy that brought us Kung Pao Bitch and Cookiepuss is stepping up to help creative? Outstanding.

      • Josh

        And if you had not noticed, that worked so well they had to come up with the Rock writing on his wrist and he had to be half a Rock last year just to try to put Cena over with the fans and so they didn’t lose the millions of prepubescent children whose parents shell out money for the Cena gear. Wait, wasn’t the Kung Pao remark in the same promo with Rock writing on his wrist?
        So….. Kung Pao and Cookiepuss made an impact.

    • Kage

      Geez Vince, just give Heyman a creative spot already.
      Who gives a damn if your daughter doesn’t like him?

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