More on Why McMahons Are Back, Chris Jericho Tangles with Japanese Star

Posted by Matt Boone July 5, 2013 7 Comments

- Japanese wrestlers KENTA, Katsuyori Shibata and Yoshihiro Takayama sat in the front row for Thursday’s WWE live event in Tokyo. During his match with Antonio Cesaro, Chris Jericho got into it with Takayama at ringside. Jericho cut a promo after the match and thanked Japan and the Japanese fans for supporting him throughout his career.

– We noted earlier this week that it was the McMahon family who came up with the current power struggle storyline that we’ve been seeing on WWE TV, and that’s reportedly going through WrestleMania XXX. The recent report that the USA Network wanted more of the McMahons on TV isn’t the case.

There have been times in the past that USA wanted Vince back on TV, thinking he helps ratings and usually he does, but his most recent return has not provided a ratings boost. The main reason the McMahons are back on TV right now is because they booked themselves into the top WrestleMania XXX storyline.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    • Undertaker316

      they want a ratings boost bring back tv-14 and the edgy storylines and good wrestling matches and not this politically correct pg kid friendly bull shit we see now

    • Derp

      Kids these days are less and less interested in WWE and more interested in Call of Duty. Quit pandering to them, they don’t know you exist, and they don’t care.

      • WTF

        they have to know that he exist in order to not care.

    • Shamir Smith

      “…the McMahons are back on TV right now is because they booked themselves into the top WrestleMania XXX storyline.” That’s not very PG:P

    • Kage

      Everytime I see the McMahon’s on TV, I myself usually puke and change the channel…

      • Flock Member

        Don’t you mean Vickie

    • Beer Money Jobber

      If the USA Network & WWE want better ratings, the McMahon’s are not the sole answer. RAW needs to return to a 2 hour format. There is way to much fluff, filler & recaps on the show now. RAW also needs better storylines, push newer, younger talent, quit recycling old talent, overhaul the Diva’s division, bring back the 24/7 Hardcore Title, return to at least a TV 14 rating & teach the Superstar’s how to cut better promos.

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