More On WWE’s New “Revolution Is Coming” Promos

Posted by Brad Davis May 14, 2012 24 Comments has published an article on a “short, grainy video filled with quick cuts showing scenes of revolution and revolt from different time periods in recorded history, ending with the ominous promise that, “A Revolution is Coming.” WWE website writer Alex Giannini writes:

“It’s no secret that WWE has a long history of soon-to-debut Superstars releasing video teasers as portents of things to come; could this video be signaling the next major force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle? Or is it a sign of something else entirely? Does the footage lay down the groundwork for a new movement, something that may change the WWE landscape forever? Perhaps the video alludes to a new pay-per-view event, sweeping changes on Raw and SmackDown, or the next great YouTube show.”

Comment below and tell us what you think the “Revolution Is Coming” promos are hyping.

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    • #HEEL

      Probably just Wade Barrett…………

      • Blake

        As of two weeks ago, Wade is out for three months following shoulder surgery. He rehabs at D1 here in Tampa. This franchise location is owned by Tim Tebow, Derrick Brooks (former pro bowler Buc Defensive player) AND Chris Jericho. I’m rehabbing my knee so we’ve had some great discussions. Really, really nice guy. I always schedule on a Wednesday or Thursday since that’s when the Superstars are off. So many of them live around Tampa. I see Dave Batista at my car wash and pizza place all the time.

    • starkiller

      Is this there way of hyping Dean ambrose? Or the return of “no way out”?

      • Mr 561

        I’m thinking its Ambrose

        • ssnsgn

          i hope its not, a hype this big should get something WAAAAAAAAAAY bigger

    • Chucky.The Million Dollar Man.


      • AreYouSeriousBro

        One could hope.

    • malcolm x

      maybe it means the masses are finally waking up to the globalist bankers and their control systems.

    • Joey

      Possible It maybe Returning of Mr McMahon?

    • BestintheWorld

      It is more than likely that it is for either the return of Dean Ambrose but it could also be hyping up the return of a superstar that was in WWE before when Brock Lesnar was there and might restart a feud with him, and if that is the case then maybe, just maybe there is a sliver of hope for the return of…..Goldberg (please have that be the case)

    • starkiller

      Is batista suppose to return this yr? Ive read a lot of people thinking this is him… I dont see the connection… Unless im missing something

    • WWE fan

      If it is some new guy debuting then he better be some 7 foot, titanic of a guy to get the kind of hype it’s been getting, otherwise when a regular newbie debuts it would be visciously underwhelming. Imagine if it was Scotty 2 hotty with a slightly different haircut, and instead of the worm, now called the snake lol

      • birdman

        its matt morgan

    • Borojohn

      Could be the reform of evolution, that would be epic! Hoping its batista though

    • Big Papi

      maybe it’s going to be the debut of a new rookie stable that has something to do with A.W. if it is hopefully they put them over better than they did the Nexus.

    • The_Real_PETER

      WWE Revolution Era.

      • cinderella man

        something like the attitude era

    • undertaker613

      BATISTA !!!!

    • ……

      The X DIvision is coming to the WWE…

    • cinderella man

      what ever it is lets just hope it doesn’t end up being a joke like the “it begins 2012″ promos of jericho…….

    • AlexBoss

      Eugene, Snitsky, The Boogieman, Gilberg & Simon.Dean will join forces!

    • Guest

      Please be the end of the PG era…

    • R-Truth

      The Truth got Jericho correct so you can take his word on this to the bank, just make sure it ain’t got no spiders in it tho.

      The Truth says that Goldberg has been wanting to return so cud be him, he’s quite a big power player in wrestling.

      It could also be Heyman plotting something, cause he a sneaky rat.

      Do you know wha that is? I call it the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but. That’s what’s up.

    • Its Mr Larry Live

      Not too many superstars could pull off this much hype Goldberg, Bautista, or Foley maybe having said that I imagine this “Revolution” will be either something to do with The WWE network or the 3 hour format that RAW is gearing up for

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