Morgan Responds to Attendance Reports, Tonight’s Impact, More

Posted by Matt Boone April 18, 2013 36 Comments

- Christy Hemme recorded vocals for a new Taryn Terrell theme song yesterday.

– Beginning May 25th, Rogers Cable in Canada will be removing Spike TV from their standard tier of programming and moving it to the Classic TV tier. Rogers wants an additional $6.05 per month for the channel.

– Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling will feature AJ Styles vs. James Storm, Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff, Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher and more.

– We noted yesterday that TNA’s recent Impact Wrestling tapings in Corpus Christi, Texas was heavily papered with 3,000 people in attendance. Matt Morgan responded to that report on Twitter:

“Gotta love FALSE Internet reports on our ticket sales for TV. Corpus like ALL other TV thus far, have not been “papered”. Thnx2ourGREATfans!”

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    • Derp

      Well nobody watches TNA, so I don’t believe a word Matt has to say. I’ve seen plenty of shows where there was hardly anyone in attendance. TNA is heading down the toilet. I give em 2 years tops before they file for bankruptcy.

      • TexansFanatic

        I give them 19 months before Vince owns that video catalog & then can he REALLY put out a Best Of Sting dvd! And then he can fire Jeff Jarrett(again!)

        • Derp

          And Dixie Carter can join the kiss my ass club.

        • morrisonfanone

          I want to see Sting face the Streak. I’m not giving up on it yet.

      • ted

        umm people do watch tna! and have fun watching a show that is for KIDS!!! agin vince does not want you to watch if you are over 17!!!

        • Derp

          Um, just because people get bloody in TNA and they hit people with chairs and barbed wire things does not make it a better show. Just proves that they are desperate for teenagers to watch their “edgy” tv show.

          • ted

            yeah but vince did the same thing to wcw! so what is your point? he had to put on a edgy show just to compete with wcw! so what is wrong with tna trying to get a older crowd? over a pg crowd? you tell me!

            • Derp

              Because it’s not good writing, nor are they good actors. TNA is all about Hogan and Bitchoff. And who cares if it’s a “PG” crowd, WWE in it’s current state for the last few years is infinitely better than the garbage TNA has tried to produce.

      • ted

        oh by the way the person who owns tna is way richer than vince!!!

      • David RayShawn

        Nude pics of Velvet Sky

      • Evan

        sounds familiar. aren’t you the guy that said just that about 4 years ago. and 4 years before that?
        I don’t understand the gang war thing you’re going for. it’s low.

      • askbillmitchell

        They won’t file for bankruptcy. They are own majority by a energy company. I could see Bob wanting to back out and thus puts his 70ish % majority stake on the shopping block if things don’t turn around.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      WWE will never buy TNA….Vince has to see them as competition before he’d but them and we all know they’re lightyears away from being that.

      • EVL

        interesting comment. sooo, you suck vinces dick? or do you just spread your legs for him while he teaches you what to say? lol

    • Kage

      @Derp & TexansFanatic – I’m assuming you guys are part of the naysayers that said TNA would go out of business in 2002? And every year after that?

      Anyone who wishes for less competition in wrestling is an idiot

      • Derp

        TNA isn’t even a blip on Vince’s radar, cause they aren’t competition, nor will they ever be. Ratings went up for a bit, then went back down after people realized that the stuff TNA was putting out is garbage.

        • Debra Rosenfield

          that’s where you are wrong. and the wwe is putting out great stuff

      • not a tna fan but gotta admit

        tna is a blip cause they h ave all the BIG NAMED wwe stars. jeff hardy. mr anderson,kurt ang, sting,hulk hogan, they had flair but wwe got him back. micky james on and on and on 99% of the roster is wwe stars. so even tho im not a huge fan of tna they must be doing something right for all those guys to be going to them rather then just biting the bullet and doing the 300 plus days a year wwe schedule . cause the money they make in wwe is a million times more.but in the end they still prefer to go to tna. so like i said they must be doing something right.

        • morrisonfanone

          They could have several more big names if they pushed younger talent besides Garrett and Wes. Sting needs to go back to his retirement home.

      • morrisonfanone

        I just wish they’d push some of the younger stars. Sting was my all time favorite when I was younger,but give someone else a chance.

    • morrisonfanone

      TNA is always papered. Morgan’s lying.

    • Derp

      Also, even WWE has to paper off their shows, these fools are lying if they say they don’t have to. And WWE does 4 times the business TNA does.

    • the real truth

      ya that why wwe been jacking tna style for the last year. if u like storylines just watch some soaps. wrestling matches in wwe sucks ass cheeks. only people worth watching in wwe is dolph and kofi and even tho dolph is champ now he’s still gonna be working the mid-card and kofi will never be push even tho he’s super over kids because vince caters to rednecks and hates black people.

      • Derp

        Ok, what has WWE “jacked” from TNA? Name specifics.

        • Derp

          lol, the real truth my ass. Don’t make stuff up next time if you can’t back it up.

        • Debra Rosenfield

          the wwe never does anything wrong. tna does everything wrong.

          • morrisonfanone

            Except having Hardy. Everything else is wrong.

        • morrisonfanone

          Well, they did kind of steal the AJ storyline. Styles was nice enough to point that out one night.

          • Derp

            Ok that one I do remember. But…that’s the only one in recent memory that I can think of. And that was how long ago?

            • morrisonfanone

              Not even a year.

    • Meauxhawk

      My friend had 4 tickets to the knockout zone that he got for free. Free seats, drinks, and food…. no, not papered at all.

      • morrisonfanone

        Really. Free everything? I was wondering if they did that.

    • makes no sense

      I knew Matt Morgan cause he use to go to the lake Mary Florida Game stop all the time and that’s where i worked. and he told me a while ago about how they are thinking of moving the impact zone out of city walk. and i laughed and he got a little mad and asked me what i thought was so funny. and i told him being stable in city walk in Orlando is a guaranteed paycheck. and to put them all over the other area is really stupid. cause you don’t know if it’ll sell out or not. in universal City walk in the impact zone it always filled out. and universal gave them a set amount of money for the amount of seats in the place. but when you take that guarantee away and try to go somewhere else you almost shoot yourself in the foot

      And its a bad idea that they are moving totally from the Orlando city impact zone. and he was like wow i didn’t think about that. i told him watch a lot of wrestlers will be getting shorter paychecks when they start going on the road and this so called MOVE will upset some wrestlers to the point the just join wwe for a quick paycheck to make up for the missing money they wont be getting from the move. i think i reached him a little

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    • Waxy5

      I believe it I went to a tna house show on friday. More than half the seats were vacant. TNA is on the way down.

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