Movember: Looking At Wrestling’s Greatest Mustaches

Movember is a mustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health, namely prostate cancer. For more information on how you can help, visit

Rick Steiner

The sheer volume of Rick’s walrus-style ‘stache earns him his spot on 24Wrestling’s tribute to Movember. I remember watching VHS tapes of his matches back in the day, and wondering if that was his mustache or if a small animal had died and been glued to his upper lip as a prank.

Magnum T.A.

Having strained it’s fair share of soup in it’s day, Magnum T.A.’s mustache has far passed the status of the mustache of the man it’s owner was named after — Magnum P.I.

Jake Roberts

Quickly becoming the mustache of choice for full-body denim wearing Budweiser drinkers everywhere, Jake Robert’s mustache played second fiddle only to the gigantic snake Roberts carried around.

Iron Sheik

The Iron Sheik was the ultimate bad guy — complete with a mustache that you wouldn’t be surprised to see attached to a man tieing a woman to train tracks in a black and white film.

Scott Hall before he was famous

As you can see, when Scott Hall transformed into “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon in the 90’s, it was a much needed change. This is the kind of mustache that women break their ankles trying to run away from.

Colonel DeBeers

Col DeBeers always had that feeling of mystery surrounding him, as you couldn’t see half of his face due to mustache overgrowth. After a while, the cable companies started forcing AWA to display a warning on the screen any time he appeared which read: Warning, do not look directly in to mustache.

Hulk Hogan

Perhaps the most infamous of all wrestling mustaches is The Hulkster’s bleached-blonde horseshoe. If most of us showed up to work rocking that thing — especially on top of a black beard — we’re be fired on the spot and escorted out of the building by security. Hogan took a look previously reserved for weird uncles, and made it to the big times.

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