MUGSHOT: Jillian Hall Arrested For Domestic Violence

Posted by Brad Davis May 29, 2012 15 Comments

Former WWE performer Jillian Faye Fletcher (a/k/a Jillian Hall), 31, was arrested on April 23, 2012 in Orange County, Florida and charged with battery (domestic violence).

The one-time WWE Divas Champion subsequently announced Thursday via Twitter that she has separated from her husband of two years, Mike Farole.

“As most of u already assume what’s going on with me recently.. some Really horrible things’ve happened and Mike and i have separated,” she wrote. “This news and negativity has been very hard on me, but time is healing. I’ll be me very soon.”

She then tweeted a photo of a tattoo featuring her husband’s name, which she dubbed “A tiny mistake.. Lol.”

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    • Mr 561

      That’s what 31 looks like?

      • L

        31 and no make-up. And possibly some bad plastic surgery. Not everyone ages well.

    • Kevin Kline

      She has hit the wall! And it looks like she just kept bashing her face into it, over and over and over again.

    • The Boogeyman

      “Im the Boogeyman and im coming to….WTF!? on second thought….*hides under the ring*……..*talks to self* (Damn that scared the shit out of me and im suppose to be the Boogeyman, hmmm come to think of it i think she was hotter with the growth on her face but i fucked that up too -_-

    • Fire And Ice

      She looks she have been on heavy Drugs

      • runner406

        Very very sad that sucks , weather she was abused by the guy she married or whatever negitive stuff has happened to her it sucks , she im sure is a nice person and i wish her well and happyness hopefully she will get good blessings from her wrestling fans ….very sad

        • Kage

          Great comment here.

        • Matt Rayfield

          what wrestling fans? She was never a face in wwe she always played heel roles from what i could tell of her.

    • ……

      Lookin’ good…

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Why did Jullian hall get plastic surgery? She looked good when she was managing JBL at one time.

    • Ron Simmons

      *Your thoughts on Jillian’s mug shot*


    • ???

      This is my teachers cousin lol i also met her once she came to my school to vist it him and shes nice

    • Louis

      Looked like someone got the Clothesline from Hell

    • CM Punk

      I dig cra….nah never mind.

    • I Know!

      This is not what JIllian looks like without makeup. The picture is distorted. I know. And when a man knocks you down the stairs and drags you by the foot, he can say he didnt lay a hand on her. Very unfortunate for her to be the one made out to be the bad guy. 6 foot 3 husband who is a habitual lier. Please give her a break.

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