MVP Comments on Reports of TNA Interest, Reveals New Deal

Posted by Matt Boone July 5, 2013 3 Comments

- Former WWE star MVP commented on reports that TNA has been reaching out to him, writing on Twitter:

“The unfounded speculation sights are at it again. Pay them no mind.”

For what it’s worth, the original report credited to The Wrestling Observer on Thursday noted that TNA’s Bruce Prichard was interested in bringing MVP in.

MVP also stated that he was not “pitching a reality show” but signed a deal with Lionsgate.

“I’m not “pitching a reality show” as was erroneously reported. I HAVE, however, come to terms with Lionsgate TV on a production deal.”

  • Nicholas Williams

    No one cares about MVP.

    • The Troll Hunter

      He had a great run in japan & he was apart of a good tag team with shelton benjamin in japan. Don’t generalize like everybody agrees with you.

      • Nicholas Williams

        not a generalization, i was stating a fact.

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