Mysterio Not Retiring Soon, Layla & Miz In New Movie, More

Posted by Brad Davis March 1, 2011 7 Comments

— SmackDown star Rey Mysterio posted the following this weekend on Twitter, responding to rumors and fan questions about whether he’ll be retiring soon:

“The rumor is I might B retiring soon! NOT TRUE, got many years left of entertaining my FANS!U guys keep me going! Luv it! Los quiero UnChingo.”

Mysterio also tweeted the following about Sin Cara signing with WWE:

“Wish the best 2 SinCara! & hope that more Latino wrestlers make it to the WWE! I think We all deserve a chance to make it Big in Life! 619.”

Speaking of Sin Cara, it’s interesting to see how WWE is embracing his history as a Mexican wrestling superstar. Despite the fact that WWE has “rebranded” him as Sin Cara, the WWE website features photos of Sin Cara wrestling in Mexico and even refers to his former ring name, Mistico.

WWE embracing Sin Cara’s past is a stark contrast to how the company handled fellow Mexican wrestling star Alberto Del Rio, whose past as “Dos Caras, Jr.” was never acknowledged by the company. lists WWE performers Mike Mizanin (a/k/a The Miz) and Layla El (a/k/a Layla) as cast members of the upcoming movie Stainless Steel.

The synopsis of the film reads: “Former underground out-law, John Steel is hired from the CIA to bring down 4 members of a silent corrupt group within the FBI.”

The movie also stars Cam Gigandet, Mia Wasikowska, Paddy Considine and Tamzin Merchant. It is scheduled for release in 2012.

— Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston’s losing streak extended to six as a result of his loss to Jack Swagger on last week’s SmackDown.

— Last Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America garnered a 0.57 cable rating, with 540,000 viewers. The midnight replay drew a 0.18 cable rating, with 157,000 viewers.

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    • Doc.G

      Kofi Kingston Has a Losing streak, and a Title. I Guess He’s next to get the treatment by wwe. Shelton Benjamin, MVP, now Him. Makes me go Hmmmmmmmmm.

      • Random guy

        Don’t delve too deep into the whole “racism” thing my friend. MVP’s character just got old. Kofi and Shelton were trained by WWE to be sub-par guys, focusing on more their athletic ability instead of training them well enough to be complete performers.

        Even the white guys on the roster are in the same boat right now. Morrison, half of the Nexus/Corre guys. They don’t let any of those guys do anything other than be a good athlete, a good talker, etc.

        Race really has nothing to do with it.

    • ED

      AWESOME! another Cena film that sounds like 500 other movies I’ve seen.

      • yamistillawake

        I know you’ve been disapointed before but this time i’m sure it will be different. It’s got the Miz. I mean it’s gotta be good. right ? And Layla how can you forget about Layla. With those two how can this movie be anything but great ?

    • Random guy

      John Steel? What is this? 1975? You can’t get away with naming a character in a movie “John Steel”. Bwa ha ha!!! Sorry, I can’t help laughing at that.

    • lmaooooo

      oh man racsim thats wat u get from wwe smh no its guys like cena hhh undertaker who dont want to c any1 other then themselves on top thats wat it is n wwe has the nerve to say the newcommers arent cutting it stop leaving them at the bottom 2 get cena on top kuz he suxz oo it doesnt help that these lil kids all wanna dress like barneys turd lol

    • was

      There is no such movie, IMDb has fallen for a hoax. It should tell you something that all the major news sources are choosing to ignore this.

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