NASCAR’s Hermie Sadler Joins Global Force Board Of Directors

Posted by Brad Davis April 19, 2014 5 Comments

Former NASCAR driver and current Fox Sports 1 NASCAR correspondent Hermie Sadler has accepted a position on the Global Force Wrestling Board of Directors, according to a report at

Sadler, who worked as a backstage interviewer for TNA, told Newsday,

“Just trying to get the word out about the brand, and let as many people know that there’s another wrestling promotion that’s coming,. What I’d like to do is kind of like what I did with TNA a long time ago, maybe pick a territory and do some live events,” Sadler said.

Sadler said that Global Force is aiming to start running shows this fall and added, “they’re not going to be like traditional wrestling shows.”

As noted earlier this week, the Global Force logo will be appearing on one of Sadler’s cars at the “Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown” next Thursday at South Boston Speedway in Virginia.

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    • Kris Godwin

      God, I really hope GFW isn’t actually going to be a ‘Southern’ promotion…

      • Camp Cornette

        Yeah, because that is what’s wrong with wrestling today, all of those ‘Southern’ wrestling promotions.

        … and in case you missed it, that was sarcasm.

      • Dan Pedreyra

        Too Late Kris. Being a “southern” promotion is not what is going to doom GFW…but rather what always HAS hurt TNA……..only marketing TO the south.
        Nascar, Toby Keith…..the writing is on the wall here. Now…it COULD be Jarrett’s friend base since he is from the south, however….if they base all the characters, marketing, music etc to cater to southern living……this will be very ugly. Jeff is a smart guy and they may initially use the southern gimmick to get a quick fan base to create revenue.

        • Shoot From The Hip

          You guys are coming off prejudice. The writing on the wall is TNA doomed themselves when they brought in Vince Russo and tried to be like the WWE. TNA stopped marketing to the south years ago. Doing their own thing, as you guys put it, being a ‘Southern’ promotion was when they were at their best. WWE doesn’t market to the south at all and it shows in their ratings.They were at their best when Stone Cold Steve Austin brought in that massive southern fan-base. He left and so did the ratings. Facts are facts.

    • Shell

      Git ‘R Done!

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