Nash Comments on TNA’s New MEM, Bischoff Comments on Matt Morgan

Posted by Matt Boone July 10, 2013 6 Comments

- Eric Bischoff commented on Matt Morgan’s TNA departure, writing on Twitter:

“@BPmattmorgan is a talented, passionate performer and athlete who is going to be a success in whatever he pursues. Enjoyed working with him.”

– Kevin Nash tweeted his thoughts on TNA’s new Main Event Mafia group:

“Watched TNA on dvr tonight though Magnus was a great choice. Do the writers not realize Joe was in the original MEM? WTF?”

“One more thing when the talent crew was talking about making it in the business it’s 5 years if your not over ain’t gonna happen. 5 years over or your a bust,you may find 10 that made it but 2000 didn’t”

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    • Hollywood HOgan

      Joe is still buried brother!

      • The Troll Hunter

        tna triple crown champ and one of the top of the BFG tournament leaderboards…buried?

    • Kage

      Err, Joe’s past membership with MEM HAS been acknowledged on TV.

    • The A-Team

      Joe was never a original MEM….

    • The Troll Hunter

      Why is that overrated hack nash always giving out his opinion like it means something. If he wasn’t tall then it would’ve been a wrap!

    • ariel

      I read samoa is the worst to work for , he is very arrogant and just all around unpleasant and nasty. I think that’s why he isn’t at the top and also his physique is too out of shape for wwe to ever consider him

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