Nash Says He Won’t Be at RAW’s 20th, Would He Return to TNA?, More

Posted by Matt Boone January 5, 2013 3 Comments

- Kevin Nash posted the following tweets late last night:

“I know the NWO is never coming back,I would never put my body thru what I have again.My love is to work when I want,Thanks WWE”

“Still enjoy getting in the ring and doing shows,when I want to.The WWE is a young mans game.Nothing left to prove.Move on to a new goal.”

“would never go back to TNA. Will not be on Raw’s 20th”

“HHH is like a brother to me, If he needs anything I would do it.Going back to TNA would break a trust.Love Dixie and their crew.WWE made me”

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    • hmw

      That’s true Mr nash your home is wwe not tna

      • Unknown


    • WWERULES!!!

      LOOK @3b0b0560acad738980b645a52400ac07:disqus WCW is long gone its NEVER coming back unless WWE wants to revive it like they revived ECW

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