Nash Says Wrestling Died When Benoit and Guerrero Became World Champions

Posted by Matt Boone August 8, 2012 60 Comments has published a lengthy article on the life and controversial wrestling career of Kevin Nash, who has begun to gain traction in Hollywood. A notable point in the article has the six-time world champion reiterating his stance on “Vanilla Midgets,” a dismissive term he used as booker in the late ’90s in World Championship Wrestling to describe small-statured, gifted technical wrestlers who didn’t project larger than life personalities but were beloved by fans, such as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko.

Chris Jericho Responds To Kevin Nash & Starts Twitter Fight

“Big Sexy” feels the professional wrestling industry died in 2004 at WrestleMania XX when WWE’s “Super Bowl” concluded with the image of the under six-foot-tall grapplers reigning supreme as champions and emotionally celebrating. Even though the two wrestlers are now deceased, he still believes they never belonged in the main event scene due to their small stature.

“When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business,” Nash says. “Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era? You put two fucking guys that were great workers that were the same height as the fucking referees, and I’m sorry, man. Are you going to watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick? Even if you’re not gay, you will not watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick. That’s not the standard in porno films. So you put a 5-foot-7 guy as your world champion.”

Nash has the same problem with today’s “Internet heroes,” CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

“They are not bigger than life,” he says. “I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt.”

Former WWE Star MVP Responds To Kevin Nash’s Comments

Nash also discussed how The Kliq shifted financial compensation in the wrestlers’ favor, how his 1995 heel turn inspired the “Attitude Era” and the subsequent ascent of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, cursing out Tom Cruise’s makeup artist on the set of Rock of Ages and more. The full article is available here.

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    • Papa Georgio

      Big and dumb. Eddie and Chris had 100 times the talent Nash ever had and he’s just jealous that of their success in the WWE. What a wanker.

      • bill nye

        nash had just as much success back in ’95 and ’96

        • TexansFanatic

          that was true but it wasn’t due to his wrestling ability! It was due to him being friends with Shawn Michaels. If he was the body guard for “Spark Plug” Bob Holly, you think he’d have the same earning power he had??? HELL to the NO!!!

    • Deal with it!

      Nash, you have never been a big player, you have never been a good wrestler, you have never been regarded as someone who cares about the business. You’re opinion does NOT matter to anybody on this earth. Now, In the infamous words of Jim Cornette: “Thank you, F*ck you, BYE!”

    • CARWIN ARMY 72

      honestly pathetic…. Nash was a great wrestler, but comparing two of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history to a porno? Everyone knows that he isnt in this for anything but the fame and publicity since he cant wrestle anymore, and everyone knows that he cant stand that he isnt the big name he used to be, but insulting two deceased wrestlers, who earned their way to the top in WWE is pathetic. Then for him to go and insult two of the biggest names in WWE currently like CM punk and Daniel Bryan is even worse. At least Punk didnt sell out.

      • TexansFanatic

        Nash was a great WRESTLER??? NO!!! He was a great person on the mic who just happened to work for wrestling companies!!! He’s just jealous that Benoit, Eddie G., Punk, & Bryan can WRESTLE unlike him. I’m also sure he was irate after HBK thanked CM Punk last night. I wish Benoit was alive to make him tap in the crippler crossface and then have Eddie G. frog splash his ass!!!

    • razor

      So having talent isn’t important in wrestling only thing that matters is being big i finally understand the great khali

    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Its funny how Nash is talking crap about 2 great workers that he once called them (and several others who where their size) “Vanilla Midgets”, they also despised Nash, and they are both are dead so they can’t shoot back at Nash. Get a clue Nash, Wrestling didn’t die when they became champions, the subtile idiotic writers, the illogical booking, the fact Vince changed the look of the product from PG-14 to PG, and the overuse of John Cena, that’s killing wrestling.

      • Guest

        No the hell it’s not all you Attitude Smarks need to realize that the shift from TV-14 to PG isn’t why the business is in decline nor is John Cena being booked the way he is especially telling given that Cena brings more ratings in than CM Punk ever has.

    • John Fan

      Daniel Bryan beating up big show seems strange but not silly , as for nash coment he can fuck off

      • billnye69

        Nash is right, wrestling is trash now. Why not tell him off to his face you pansy.

    • TexansFanatic

      WOW!!! Is Kevin Nash that BITTER that he NEVER even had 1% of their skills that he’d talk down on Eddie G & Chris Benoit??? I can’t believe that he’s knocking guys who actually do what they do cause they LOVE it and don’t do it for a paycheck like his ass!!! Nash is as what Paul Heyman said about Ric Flair and the rest of the old guys from The Rise & Fall Of ECW: “Clinging for their spot” I guess having skills isn’t enough. I know that Nash is just jealous he couldn’t ever be nominated for a match of the year unlike Benoit, Eddie G, CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan. I used to like Diesel & Nash and after reading that, I’d throw a tomato at his ass. “OMG Kevin Nash WTF thought he was dead LOL”

    • TexansFanatic

      I think Nash is still bitter that they(Eddie G., Benoit, Malenko, & Saturn) left WCW due to not being treated properly while Nash and others were treated as if they had all the skill in the world. I’d rather watch 2 “midgets” who could put on a 5 star match with a BROOM over Nash wrestling Hogan!!!

    • Ice

      Nash don’t be mad that fans and even people that never watched wrestling knows who Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are, but yet look lost when they hear the name “Kevin Nash” or “Diesel”.

    • Who knows

      I like Nash,but i disagree with him.Benoit and Eddie were talented,so why shouldnt that have happend.And where did pornos come from in that.Just saying

    • mistico

      Nash only had six moves and that was with the hair flip. -Jim Cornette

    • WWE: Straight Bore Homey

      If u dismiss his shyt talkin of the 2 dumbazz roid abusing wrestlers then he really has a point. The only big thing that has happened in the wrestling biz since the early 2000’s was Punk’s shoot promo on RAW a year ago.

      • FuckYouAndYourHorse

        I can’t take your illiterate ass seriously. Sorry…

    • Hhh

      Holy crap Kevin Nash is a huge dick. I hope WWE gives him no prayer when he dies.

    • Joe momma

      Wow, and like that my respect for nash is gone.

    • Caleb43

      wow. just lost all respect for nash. (the small amount I had anyway). Truly one of the most horrible things I’ve ever heard said in wrestling.

    • JuiceBox

      Sounds ti me like Nash is an angry Panda bear that needs to quit being so sour and move on with life. Your opinion means jack shit to us.

    • koolaid

      Lol.. this is coming from the guy that wanted to setup a raw angle with the NWO coming back as Punks stable just so nash could get a payday lol..

    • Kevin

      Wow…… All I got to say is F*ck you, you worthless crap I hope you read this to Nash. Eddie and Benoit. Are the reason I’m a wrestling fan. And training to be a pro wrestler.

      • Troy Bennett

        hey as a fellow wrestler dont let this high school basketball reject sway u into not living ur dream and everyones dream that can ever be called a pro wrestling fan. our life long dream is to step through that curtain just one time look to our right and see that 11 ft tall wwe logo steping through those ropes and hear the cheers or boos of the fans. we need to stick together. remember the wrestling business is ours to shape it how WE see fit not vince mcmahon not hulk hogan not nash US we r the next Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit Steve Austin Chris Jericho Shawn Michaels ect. be the exception to the big guy bodybuilder frame. if u need someone to talk to message me any time on my facebook page

    • Vickie Guerrero

      Funny how he talks about ‘bigger than life stars’ when we know Shawn Michaels wasn’t’ built like Triple H, Stone Cold, or the Rock. Yet, I’m sure anyone would recognize him in an airport without being some gimmick.

      This was nothing more than jealousy and the fact that Nash has become irrelevant. Wrestling simply evolved at that point, not diminished. Hell, if anything, blame the lack of writing placed into most gimmicks today and as one person said, the overuse of Cena/Orton as today’s lack of excitement for the general audience.

      Big isn’t in any longer. We’ve grown accustomed to the underdogs, athletic, and natural charismatic superstars getting a shot. This is a new era of wrestling. Not to mention, a new crowd era as well.

    • jesus

      you people urge like it’s real, are you all as old as my little nephew

    • wwe on the rocks

      wrestling died when it became PG and when cena debut.. other then Nash was not bad in his era.. but benoit eddie were also good..

    • CM Drunk

      you complete idiot, you wish you could just have an ounce of Benoit, gurrero, punk or Bryansk talent, that being said I saw a funny tweet from Jericho to mash about this where Jericho says “I hope you don’t tare your quade tweeting “

    • Th_Mssngr

      Wrestling died when they won the world titles? I’d say wrestling was alive and well, more alive and well than when Diesel was champ in 1995, or when Nash went to WCW and was irrelevant by 1999. He needs to stop acting all butthurt because he’s not a draw anymore.

    • Armeniantothebone

      I disagree with Nash at this point although he was one of the greatest in the past. But saying wrestling died when those two became champions? Seriously? Wrestling died when these two died. Making fun of the heights? Talented wrestlers like them doesn’t matter if they’re short or tall. Tall wrestlers like Nash shouldn’t be champions, i mean come on we saw Nash wrestle last year, he could barely move his legs up, he’s really slow, or a modern day example, The Great Khali.

    • Captain Chaos

      Nash really show’s his ignorance here. He was always a three move man. The big foot, the side slam and the jack knife, whether that be as Vinny Vegas, Diesel or under his real name. As far as wrestling skill goes, he wasn’t even on the map. Guys like Dean, Chris B, Chris J and Eddie were proper athletes and had the skills to match. Nash was just a big man using his height and strength to win matches. Nash thinks he has a lot of influence still, but making statements like this won’t get him anywhere. Big Daddy Cool?. More like Big Daddy FOOL!

    • Captain Chaos

      Most of the “big” men in wrestling had/have little talent other than mic skills. Nash and the big idiot Hogan being the prime examples. As far as talent is concerned, the big men who had it were the late Yokozuna, the late Bam Bam Bigalow, and Vader. For their size they were, and in Vader’s case, still are better than Nash and Hogan will ever be for in ring performance. Whoever made the comment above about PG killing wrestling is quite correct too.

    • Manuel Jimenez

      Nash is just a little douchbag! he’s mad cuz he NEVER had the talents of a real PRO WRESTLER!! Stop crying you freak! YOU FAILED IN 2 MAJOR WRESTLING COMPANIES ! So now that no one gives a SHIT about you, your just trying to talk SMACK over the INTERNET! Eddie Guererro & Chris Benoit were great champions! PLUS THEY ARE LEGENDS! what are you? NOTHING! I HAVE TO WORDS FOR YOU ” F-U!


      i thought i was the only one who didn’t liked Nash.
      i think he’s overrated just because he’s big but he’s too boring even in promos while he’s trying to be “cool”.
      Benoit and Eddie are more entertaining than Nash, those 2 have more talent than Nash will ever have.
      there are lots of wrestlers who really sucks like Barrett, Slater, Khali, Nash, etc.

      Nash is just a bit better than Khali who is really uncoordinated.

    • King James

      That’s because Nash is stuck in the past. He seems to think that the bigger the person is physically makes that person a better wrestler. He seems to forget that the crowd decides what’s believable as a wrestler, not him.
      The crowds connected with Benoit and Guerrero. They connect with Punk and Bryan. Very few people actually connected with Nash and Hogan. No, wrestling didn’t die that day. It was changed, and that change was for the better.

      • Fightfan

        not to mention Nash was never even a star in WWE. yeah he was champion but really, did he really do anything groundbreaking? no. he was a star in WCW, but also a lousy businessman and booker.

        • Guest

          Nash actually drew money as WWF Champion compared to Sycho Sid so yeah he was a star.

    • billnye69

      Good call Nash. Everyone commenting against Nash has to be a child because there is no way that you could of lived through the Austin, Rock, NWO eras and say that wrestling is anything but a shadow of what it once was. No womens division, no lightweight, no hardcore, no nothing.

      You’re just hating because he had the balls to say what we’re all thinking.

      • Unknownt

        No we r hating because he is saying u have to be over 6 ft tall to be in the main event. That is complete BS. Look at how successful CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Rey Mysterio are. He’s mad because WCW was put out of business because of him and Hogan always being in the spotlight and the WWE won without him. That’s why he’s targeting them because they were the spotlight and he wasn’t anymore.

      • FuckYouAndYourHorse

        You are dumber than shit. Nash does not, has not, and will not ever think for me.

    • JDoggg

      Nash is a sorry,broke down old has been & is trying to do anything to get some attention.He feels the same way about Punk & Bryant,but has the nerve to try and get us to lobby to bring back NWO with Punk as the new leader.This chump will do anything to get some TV time & spot light.When his time came to fight Punk(during there brief feud)he couldn’t even manage that, with his broke down old body and WWE had to scrap the whole angle.Nash please just go away to the wrestler’s old folks home or something,NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK & WE DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU ON TV.Let Punk & this new generation have there time to shine and just SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        Eventhough the only thing Punk is drawing is flies and is being booked way too damn favorably (which Anti Cena marks conveniently ignore).

    • wrestling fan

      chris benoit and eddie were amazing, they had more amazing moves then kevin nash the over grown freak. kevin nash has always been boring, he’s a three move wonder all he ever did was an irish whip followed by a big boot then a powerbomb, f**k you nash you old dinosaur! its not the 80s anymore and it doesn’t matter what size you are! chris benoit was 5,10 he was hardly a midget, and a way better technical wrestler than nash ever will be!!!

    • 100% Jerichoholic.

      Yes, with the above statement, Kevin Nash showed his real standard, pathetic. Wrestling become a joke after the era of the Great One and Austin. No one, I mean no one cares who is Kevin Nash and what he cares !

    • momma3

      nash was a has been,the talent of the wrestlers have gotten better,doesn’t matter the size of the person but the heart for this type of business,nash is just having a sissy fit because his come back only did give him his 15 minutes of shame

    • Vote NObama

      I agree with Nash in the sense that Eddie and Benoit shoud have never held the two top belts in the business. They were both great midcarders, just not the best of the business. Nash was much more than a wrestler, being a promoter and wrestler simultaneously shows he was a valuable talent to have. With Eddie dying from drug abuse and Benoit being a murderer shows how well they handled their careers. As far as I’m concerned, Benoit never existed!

    • Papa Georgio

      It should have been me and Scott instead of Eddie and Chris, is probably what Nash is saying. Poor baby, it must suck to be old and washed up.

      • Guest

        Makes since shit on somebody who has/had [Scott Hall} severe drug and alcohol problems to make a point that comes off completely out of touch You Sir Have Won “Asshole of The Year”

    • Fightfan

      Nash is so full of &*%#. Oh yeah he “paved the way for the Attitude Era and Stone Cold” and got wrestlers “better financial composition.” He alsojust so happens to fail to mention his creative control and work as a WCW booker was a driving point in running them to the ground. Yeah Nash, you’re a real big time player. Gimme a break.

    • mafioso

      kevin nash in his heyday was a superb big man in his field but when it comes down to actual wrestling eddie and benoit would have wrestle circles around him chopping him down to their size. nash could never actually wrestle. the reason why wwe is lacking now is because we don’t have more of the “vannila midgets” instead we have more 6foot 5 men running around getting winded after a minute of wrestling. what kind of **it is that. at least when eddie was around i can actually watch raw and smackdown. i only tune in now to see rey mysterio wrestle or sin cara. bottom line nash only got attention for being big and nasty. eddie and benoit got attetion and respect by actually wrestling their opponents. by the way who did they beat at that wrestlemania……….um i think it was HHH and Kurt Angle

    • ami

      old chicken “Nash” is talking too much.feeling pity for old man.

    • nandoo05

      nashhh is a fuckin idiot!!! id rather have a 5’7 foot tall champion then a washed up 50 year old pretending they still got it!!! fuck him!!

    • vinzerx

      I’ll just leave this here:

    • fakt

      i agree with nash that the wrestling industry died in 2004 aftter WrestleMania XX but idont think the reson was that When Benoit and Guerrero Became World Champions

    • David

      Nash is correct

    • kingkaustav

      give up nash, if wwe died with small guys so why rey became world champion? how cm punk hold the title for 1 year & fans loving them. your problem is you never be loved by the funs cause u r not a skilled player, just a tall DONKEY!

    • kingkaustav

      give up nash, if wwe died with small guys so how rey became world champion? how cm punk hold the title for 1 year & fans still loving them. your problem is you never be loved by the fans cause u r not a skilled player, just a tall DONKEY!

    • Gopal Sarma

      Hi c.m punk I am gopal from Assam You have Never been a big player This sunday sumarslam match wwe chamition ship will be win john cheeeeeeeeeeena . I’m a big wrestling fan

    • Awandze Mjakes Matsebula

      nash was never good but he has a good point anyway he was always good at talking

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