Nash Still Trashing Warrior, Goldberg Wants Lesnar

— Kevin Nash has continued ranting on The Ultimate Warrior:

“You should watch your mouth,You know your a b*tch .You want nothing to do with me.You ran out of your gym to avoid me.”

“You want to go p*ssy name the place and time. If not shut your d*ck sucker and forget my name. B*tch make me 100k richer”

— Jim Ross was asked on Twitter about the possibility of a match pitting Brock Lesnar against Bill Goldberg at next year’s WrestleMania.

“@Goldberg vs Lesnar at WM29 would be miraculous ie HIGHLY UNLIKELY,” he tweeted.

Goldberg, despite his displeasure for WWE and company head Vince McMahon over the years, says he’s interested in the bout. He wrote Friday, “……I’d do it.”

Goldberg last competed for WWE at WrestleMania XX in a match against Lesnar with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin serving as special guest referee. The match garnered a hostile reaction from the audience due to knowledge that both competitors were leaving the promotion. After Goldberg defeated Lesnar, both wrestlers were met with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Meanwhile, Goldberg still apparently views Chris Jericho in a negative light nine years after the two last worked together. A fan wrote to the former wrestling champion Monday, “Y2J sucks u should have came out there & speared him.” He responded, “Would have been my pleasure.”