Negative Reaction To Triple H’s Remarks Towards Daniel Bryan, NXT Star Receives Positive Reviews

Posted by Michael Bluth October 22, 2013 7 Comments

- As seen at the conclusion of Raw, Triple H took hold of the mic and ran Daniel Bryan down yet again in typical fashion, as he proclaimed that the 5’8″ grappler is not worthy of being “The Face of WWE.” The Chief Operating Officer’s remarks had a lot of people shaking their heads backstage since they feel he was burying him as a performer rather than knocking him in a villainous manner that would lead to Bryan gaining retribution.

- WWE NXT star Tyler Breeze, who competed on WWE live events over the weekend in matches against Justin Gabriel, receiving positive reviews for his performance. His co-workers were especially impressed with his heel mannerisms.

- In WWE’s latest Susan G. Komen for the Cure promotional video, Nikki and Brie Bella share personal stories about their families’ struggles with breast cancer.


  • guest123

    Trips is a dick for doing that lastnight, and he obviously wasn’t doing it purposely, well maybe he was but, he said a lot of shit that didn’t need to be said. he must be upset that bryan is a better wrestler then him.

    • D

      I think Trips is in a position where he doesn’t really care and can say whatever he wants, since it won’t hinder him in the least.

  • D

    1] Bryan’s “retribution” will be minimal at best. And regardless, it will STILL play second-fiddle to Cena’s return.
    2] Bryan doesn’t have what it takes to be the face of the company. Triple H might have been running him down but some of his points were spot on, even if he was being a jackass about it.

  • Muzlimboy

    He’s Triple H….Burying is what he does!!! Regardless though he did a great job on the mic last night. It was different and more entertaining than knocking him with the kiddy jokes bout his beard.

  • Vkd

    Best for Business is Danielson vs HHH at XXX to put alternative (to Cena) face of WWF over. HHH has jobbed to help the business; great example is torn quads Walls of Jericho, handcuffed while Orton DDTs Steph, and jobbing to Cena. Can see HHH choosing to tap out or receiving a knee and knocked out at Wrestlemania

  • probb

    you people know its a work right?

    • WTF

      Wait…what?? you mean its not real??? LMAO!!!!!!

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