Netflix Streaming CM Punk DVD, Rock Note, Cena Film Airing on Showtime

Posted by Matt Boone January 6, 2013 7 Comments

- The Rock shared this photo and caption from the recent press tour.

We grind 24/7 – but always have fun. Enjoyed my time w the press today discussing @TheHeroTNT #LoveWhatIDo

Photo of The Rock on Press Tour

– Netflix has recently added CM Punk: Best in the World documentary.

– Legendary starring John Cena is now airing on Showtime and its affiliated channels. It will air on Showtime this Sunday morning at 9AM ET.

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    • Muzlimboy

      Netflix has an awesome and updated selection of WWE DVDS

    • shoe salesman vs egg nog

      I was hoping netflix would get it. I can’t wait to see cm punk sride that cow in the field that everyone has been talking about!!! And dosnt jason lee make and appearance in it as his my name is earl character? I can’t wait to watch it it’s gonna be awesome!!!!

    • shoe salesman vs egg nog

      Geez you guys didn’t have to be so mean about it. Now you guys went off and hurt my feelings. Your a bunch of frank rolls!!!!!

      • The goof’s in a headspin!

        Looks like we’re getting to the goof. Ever notice how the goof tries to entice people into a one on one conversation? Let’s all talk to the goof in the third person. It really bugs the goof not to feel included.
        Dance for us, goof!

        • sharpshooter85

          Wtf are you talking about?

    • dfgr
    • Mr. X

      Agreed, it almost seems like it takes more time to barf out all that crap he said than to proofread or use some capitalization.

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