New Details on Swagger’s Arrest, Police Describe His Demeanor and More

Posted by Matt Boone June 26, 2013 6 Comments

- The Sun Herald in Mississippi has reported new details on Jack Swagger’s legal troubles, after a trial that lasted several hours in Gulfport on Tuesday.

* When Swagger was stopped by police on February 19th, he told police he had just showered, stopped by a fast food restaurant and was “pretty banged up” after the SmackDown tapings that night.

* The officer testified that Swagger was driving 10 mph faster than the speed limit and that he smelled burned marijuana in Swagger’s rental car. The officer also saw a few pieces of marijuana on Swagger’s lap.

* Swagger did not testify yesterday but a video recorded by a patrol car camera was shown. Swagger told the officer that night he smoked some marijuana before leaving the Coliseum that night. Swagger told the officer, “I know I f-d up. I apologize, man.”

* An officer testified that Swagger handed him his credit card when asked for his driver’s license. Swagger’s speech was slow, his eyes bloodshot and watery, but he was “cooperative, nervous and talkative.” A DUI officer said, “He was just as docile as a gentleman can possibly be.”

* A video showed Swagger taking a field sobriety test in 44 degree weather on the side of the road. The DUI officer described the test as a “walk and turn” while counting and a one-leg stand, also while counting. Swagger stumbled a few times while waving his arms in the air to balance himself and stood on one leg. “It was probably by far one of the worst I’ve ever seen as a DUI officer for under the influence of marijuana,” the officer testified.

* Swagger was fined $1,000 plus $300 in court costs for the DUI conviction. He was also fined $198 for speeding and must attend an alcohol-safety class and a victim-impact class. Swagger can get his license back in 90 days if he completes the classes, instead of a year.

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    • GN-0015

      At least you’re not jailed, Jake.

    • trollo derpo

      I can never balance myself with one leg. i’d fail that test immediately while sober.

    • Hector Naranjo

      WWE should reconsider who they wanna portray as a real American, Swagger is an embarrassment

      • Ryan Ryles

        So, let me get this straight: no 20 something American’s some pot eh?
        Everyone who smokes pot knows exactly what happened here: he was beat up and exhausted after the taping, and did his usual on his way to the hotel for the night. He was TRIED, not necessarily intoxicated. That said, the guy still shouldn’t have driven home-depending on where his hotel was, he could have fallen asleep getting there, from the sound of it.

    • newlee

      He’ll be fine. Sounds like he was doing a bit more than smokin’ reefer though. And I’m sure what he said to the cop sounded more like “I apologithe, man.”

    • Chris

      A “real American” doesn’t smoke pot? Are you retarded? People all over the world smoke pot, all the time. It eases pain without having to take addicting pills. You clearly know nothing Hector.

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