New Details on TNA’s Lawsuit Against WWE, Another Hearing Set

Posted by Matt Boone June 5, 2012 14 Comments

- Representatives from WWE and TNA had a conference yesterday regarding TNA’s lawsuit against WWE. There is a temporary injunction hearing set for July 11th. TNA still has a temporary restraining order against Brian Wittenstein and WWE. There was a big process where WWE’s servers, the laptops of John Laurinaitis and others were looked at by WWE IT for any wrongdoing. IT reported back that the TNA information from Wittenstein was not found on his company provided Blackberry or laptop. IT also went through their servers and e-mail boxes of 27 employees that worked in creative and talent relations. They did not find that the information from Wittenstein had been sent out over their servers.

Once the lawsuit was filed by TNA, WWE says they did due-diligence, searched again and concluded that the TNA information from Wittenstein was never on their servers or used by their employees. They noted that the laptop and e-mail server used by John Laurinaitis was also checked and the information was never on there. WWE feels TNA has no basis for a lawsuit, based on those searches. WWE says they never had the information from Wittenstein and the only time it was seen was when Wittenstein brought them a print out and a CD with information he had collected while working for TNA.

TNA wants the situation resolved immediately. They feel that they have been wronged, damage has been done and they want to make sure no talent problems come out of this. They wanted statements from Triple H, John Laurinaitis and others yesterday but likely scheduling conflicts are putting that on hold. While the case has been continued, both WWE and TNA are still under the court order that was previously set.

PWInsider reports that Wittenstein has not been served the lawsuit yet. People that have spoken to Wittenstein say they felt no sense of alarm or worry from him. Wittenstein does have a lawyer that TNA has been in contact with but he was not represented in court yesterday, for what it’s worth.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • hooting hooters hooting

      i think tna should be suing wittenstein instead.

      • Viper’s Gal

        ME TOO! HOOTY!!

    • tedhammersley

      I hope TNA brings them down! I love competition but its time for pro wrestling to get a new face and that new face is TNA!

      • teddy-dore long

        you’re about as high as bourne, r-truth and orton were before suspension!!??? Dream on

        • tedhammersley

          Yeah except im not dreaming, wwe is screwed! of course your probably just a wwe fan anyways and you probably think there company is doing so good but there not there ratings are down, there stock is down, there active wrestlers are down, there morale is down, there booking is down, everything that should be up is down, raw was one of the worst last night, WWE in 2012 is WCW in late 99/2000.

          • Th_Mssngr

            Don’t be a fool. WWE may not be as popular as it used to be, but there’s little to no chance of TNA beating them, not as they are. Sure, WWE’s ratings are down, but then, TNA’s have barely ever been close. At the moment, TNA is much more likely to go under than WWE ever will.

            • kurt angle

              WWE is going under…oh its real its damn real!

            • randy mega fan

              If you think tna is going to win the lawsuit then your high I love wwe and tna and ufc but if I was the judge wwe would win……..oh its real its damn real

            • kurt angle

              thats because your a wwe sheep and your one big mark! thats cool you can get back to beating off to randy orton, we smart people will leave you marks alone, oh your a mega randy fan? oh thats to bad because it seems he’s not wanted in the WWE anymore, so where do you think he’s going to go? do the math kid, wwe is going down and there’s nothing going to stop it and this isn’t my opinion-its a fact!

      • Ice

        TNA will never win, you gotta be a fool to even believe if they could. TNA is deeper in the drain than WWE is in. WWE still has a chance in coming up, but TNA is just drowning in quick sand.

    • wallace8624

      Vince owns TNA

    • Nelson ‘Rhaps’ Simmons

      This case won’t be resolved for another few months with how this situation is. Unfortunately if only TNA officials knew that Vince will pay them if they just stop acting like they don’t need the money. Just name the price already so that everyone can go home happy.

    • GhostDistortion

      Oh shit, it looks like Ted Hammersley and his TNA trolls are at it again. Hey Ted you still haven’t provided any proof that you’re an Indy wrestler.

    • Aaron Lamanna

      In my opinion tna is wwe bar a few of the talents most of the now tna
      roster including aj styles and even christopher daniels were on wwe
      short term contracts but never made it.

      Lets be fair wwe is nowhere near as good as it used to be the talent is
      not as good for in ring ability except a few but tna has the has beens
      hulk hogan wow this guy even amazes me still trying to be in the lime
      light all the time.

      Both shows have good talents tna may have slightly better in ring
      wrestlers but lets face it only good thing for tna right now is the fact
      that the wrestlers can say and do what they want and in the long run
      this is not a good thing.

      WWE will never go under it has got to much of a fan base yeah tv rating
      might be down but yet they still sell out arena’s all over the world and
      i am not tlaking 2.000 people i am talking 15.000- 18.000 people so
      please how are veiwing going down considering they sell out every night.

      TNA is in the shadow of wwe it will never get 18.000 buying tickets it
      is what i call a small comodaty maybe yes one day they will but be fair
      10 years after it started where has it gone same wrestlers bar those who
      came from wwe oh and a ring change wow good to see they have progressed
      and worst of all you had the failures bischoff and hogan noone wants
      them tna snaps them up lmao.

      but in all fairnes like i said maybe the tna roster has a few more
      talented wrestlers but they are getting on Kurt Angle my fav wrestler
      who is by far the best technical guy in the ring he is not going to progress in a small pond but as i said it is my opnion

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