New Details on Why Edge Has Heat Within WWE

Posted by Matt Boone October 3, 2012 8 Comments

- There is a lot of heat on Edge within WWE right now. WWE pretty much made another Legends deal offer to him when he worked the recent SmackDown tapings but he was not interested. Edge does not want to be locked into a WWE deal and wants to be able to do his own things. When WWE originally saw that Edge’s contract was ending, they offered him a Legends deal similar to what Shawn Michaels has but word is the money offered was a bit of an insult.

There is also some heat on Edge because of Beth Phoenix leaving. There’s a belief that she’s leaving in part to help him recover from neck surgery in November. Also, there are some people high up in the company that aren’t happy about his upcoming appearance for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion.

Edge and WWE will most likely work together in the future but there is definitely the feeling within WWE that he’s sort of gone against them.

Source: PWInsider

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    • I’m Just A Sexy Boy

      This guy has worked day in and day out for the WWE. Let him rest. He already had to retire early. Why are you steady offering him contracts? Do you want one more match which could cost him his life? Dammit the WWE is stupid.

      • iNexus

        They’re not offering him a contract to wrestle stupid. They’re offering him a Legend’s contract. Which basically means he will do some appearance for WWE, whether it be on air or off while still being allowed to do his thing. Nash and HBK are under the legends contract. Nash still makes occasional wrestling appearances in the indys while HBK does TV shows and other things. So really, accepting WWE’s Legends deal isn’t a bad thing.

    • BIZ-NIZ man

      puhleeeze, business is business! what do you expect the guy to do? accept a lowball offer and be prevented from making more in other ways? Edge has star power and value anywhere and he knows it! I’m pretty sure Vinny Mac will do what’s best for business and use him anyway, despite any heat, as he has done with other guys he has heat with Warrior, Hogan etc.

      Edge has a right to do what’s best for him financially and freedom wise… HBK’s deal was good enough for him to accept, so they can’t lowball Edge as he would know the kind of money HBK is getting… HBK is also free to do other deals non wrestling related.

      WWE has no reason to have heat with him if they cannot come to the party with a better offer…

    • Mr’All Saint

      Agreed on both counts. It’s kind of upsetting that Edge has to go through this when he’s already left it all in the ring. I’m an Edge fan, and I wish him well on all his future endeavors.

      • John Laurinaitis

        HEY!! THAT’S MY LINE!

    • 40 dawg

      Edge is doing the right thing by not signing. He could be a legit actor and make way more money than what wwe would pay him, grant it that he could do other things even if he signed my question is what if he did sign and had an appearance for wwe and an audition at the same time? So by just saying no to wwe he won’t have to go through that headache. Cuz if you sign with wwe regular or legends contract they think they own you and if you wanna do your own thing it’s just smart not to mess with wwe, just ask kelly kelly and the bellas

    • wmdwfprez

      What’s really dumb is wwe getting mad because he agreed to be at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore show October 6th in NY. As long as he’s not trying to wrestle with a messed up neck then what Edge does is none of their business.

    • cool guy

      nothin more then a midcarder anyway that was over pushed.

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