New Matches for Hell in a Cell, Confirmed for Next Week’s Raw

Posted by Matt Boone October 16, 2012 6 Comments

- On tonight’s episode of WWE Raw it was announced that CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Ryback and Randy Orton will face Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.

– The finals for the Tag Team Tournament will be decided on next week’s episode of Raw.

– Also on Raw next week, Kane will face off against The Big Show.

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    • Some Random

      Well, Ryback’s being pushed into an opportunity because of John Cena’s injury. I’m not negative or positive but rather neutral about it. Let’s see Ryback back up his words of being a better athlete than Goldberg ever was. (I’m not a huge Goldberg fan either, he had a cool persona but he was rather limited himself). Best of luck to Ryback, if he performs.. well then we can expect some great things for his future. Also, the new CM Punk “Best in the world” documentary?? … SO GOOD! :-)

    • 40 dawg

      I wonder if ryback wasn’t vince’s new project or favorite would vince still not have cena wrestle? Ryback is a new person getting a chance but he is as limited on his move set as cena is and he looks as roided out as cena does. I wonder if the choice came down to an injured cena wrestle or someone like a ryder or kofi would vince still of given the golden boy the time off. But I bet vince will still get cena on the ppv as a referee or have him do a run in.

      • LBlock18

        sadly we all know he’ll be involved some how, or if a 0.0001 out of a 1 billion chance Cena screws over Ryback so he can beat Cm punk down the line…….yeah wishful thinking I don’t think he’ll ever become a heel again

    • Ignoramus

      God gave us all a brain to think with. Vince McMahon has one too and that is why his company is where it is today. Having Punk vs Ryback at HIAC might seem to many as a push too soon for the latter maybe but i’m sure Vince has the outcome and the future planned perfectly. All we can do for now is keep guessing. I’m sure we are up for a big surprise at HIAC in some way and a great build up to SS, RR and WM29!

    • Nauman1704

      Ryback is nothing more than a over hyped superstar. He is nothing as compare to goldberg.
      he is just being pudhed into HIAC because of CENA’s injury. Punk would have easing chance against Ryback.

    • LBlock18

      I’m not worried about the match CM Punk can have a match with anyone and I mean ANYONE and it will still come out great win/lose/or draw……….I’m just glad its not Cena and he’s over with a lot of the crowd do I want Punk to end his winning streak of course because lets face it if he doesn’t they will let the boy scout john cena do it which I don’t want what so ever……..and Rybacks move set isn’t as boring as he’s a power house not going to have that many moves to begin with.

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