New Swagger Shirt, Update on Heat with Former Divas, WWE Optimistic

Posted by Matt Boone March 26, 2013 4 Comments

- WWE has released a new t-shirt for Jack Swagger:

Swagger Shirt

– We’ve noted before how WWE was in negotiations with former Divas to return at WrestleMania 29 but we likely won’t see any returns because the two sides couldn’t agree on contracts. It was reported that some Divas in WWE pushed for Maria Kanellis to be taken out of the WrestleMania match plans. Word now is that the former Divas who were in negotiations to return are the ones that pushed for Maria to be taken out of the plans. No word yet on which Diva requested it but apparently they were upset at some comments she made after leaving WWE.

– With SummerSlam pretty much selling out over the weekend, the recent RAW sell outs and great live event attendance, WWE officials feel that they are about to strike a really hot time period.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • gokule

      screw all new immigrants. They’re going to ruin the US

      • Save_Us.Y2K

        They terk our jerbs!!!!!

        • Jack Thwagger

          whath.. you thupid or thomething

    • morrisonfanone

      I would’ve thought they’d have pushed to get K2 out of the match.

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