New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Revealed (Spoiler)

Posted by Matt Boone December 4, 2013 14 Comments

In a match taped for TNA’s “Final Resolution” edition of Impact Wrestling on Tuesday night, Magnus defeated Jeff Hardy in a “Steel Cage Dixieland” match to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

The rules of the match stated that the wrestler must escape the cape and advance to the TNA stage where a ladder was set up. The wrestler must then climb the ladder to retrieve the belt. As Hardy was going to do exactly that, Rockstar Spud came out and knocked the ladder over, which allowed Magnus to pick up the win.

With the victory, Magnus is now set up for a unification match against fellow TNA Champion AJ Styles whenever TNA decides to pull the trigger.

For those interested, you can click here for full TNA Impact Wrestling taping results.

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    • Troy Bennett

      and no one gives a single fuck

      • Orion

        There are other places in the world besides USA where TNA is the top product for whatever reason. So maybe your comment is narrow minded. Obviously you care enough to comment about it.

        • Ice

          Yeah thats why its rare for them to perform internationally

    • VoteForMyHairJustin

      unification match Sounds like WWE.

      • Bam Bam

        Tna has been setting this up for months and WWE just started it.

        • J.Z.

          Not Really WWE Did This Long Ago Jericho Was The First Unified Champion

          • Orion

            Actually , yes really because wwe are pretending it never happened. Wwe booking is really bad ATM. TNA has been a lot better then raw . Even nxt makes more sense then raw.

    • hmw

      oh really……….
      but magnus who ?
      tna what ?

      • Jimmy Roe Jr.

        he need help
        too win

    • J.Z.

      Magnus? Really?

    • Jessica Gould

      When do they plan to announce the future inductees of the Wwe Hall of Fame 2014: if you do not mind me asking very nicely?

    • KBoyd

      It’s interesting that the “New world champ” can’t win on his own. Magnus made it past Angle cause of Roode interference. Now he beats Hardy cause of more interference. Yet Magnus thinks he is a champion? So done with TNA WRESTLING their storylines have become truely stupid.

      • Bam Bam

        Orton couldn’t win without the authority help.

    • TheMachineX2

      I think Magnus is a good champ but I smell a heel turn coming.

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